Mastering The Second Half is an Over-50 Lifestyle Channel which focuses primarily on Relationships and Sexual Health. But it’s actually far more than that. Hosted by Rick Higgins, the channel (and podcast) highlights opportunities and examples of living the best we can after a certain age.

Relationships, Sex, and Life
Inspiration, Motivation, and Experiences

Sort of like our Life After 50 videos, sort of not. Same basic subjects, with just a bit less holding back. And more guests. 

We also chat about what ails us all. Not a political show by any means, but when one sees issues caused by politicians, one has to speak, right? Someone’s gotta look out for those of us over a certain age.

No topics are off-limits, but rest assured it’s mostly a family friendly show. Meaning, we keep the cursing to a minimum. Mostly we just study, inspect, and figure out how to improve and move us all collectively forward.

Available on most podcast sites, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora.


Two books for your reading pleasure! 

The latest book is called BE THE RUBBER TREE, Tales Of Resiliency and Struggle.  It’s about … well, the title says it all.  My stories, and others, all through the lens of coping and resilience.

The original book, LETTERS TO A DEAD UNCLE, A Travel Novel Of Sorts, is sort of about travel.  Well, actually not.  It’s about life, cultures, and exploration … via travel.

Both books are available now in their entirety on this site. Each chapter, all for free, and all for your reading pleasure.  Or if you’re a traditionalist, head over to Amazon Publishing and grab a paperback or Kindle version.