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If one sees a misdeed or wrongdoing against humanity, it is our moral obligation to use our voices to call it out. If we see opportunity, we must take it. If we see a need, we must fill it. We have to end our collective silence. End the hate and apathy around us. Together, we are the solution.

THE RICK HIGGINS DIALOGUE is not a political commentary show. We do not preach the good word of one party over another. Everyone is equal as far as affiliation, but diverse in their support of all things human. We bring to light those who would put corporations, greed, and self-interest above the growth of humanity. We celebrate those who step up and do wonderful things. And we explore opportunities that can help us all. Not in a political way. Just in a human one.


wan·der·er. /ˈwändərər/

1. a person who travels aimlessly in search of something;
2. someone who dresses in pirate garb;

Have you ever wondered what living life outside of the fences was like? Come join us as we experience it in Barcelona Spain! (Plus all of the great wandering opportunities that city provides!).


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