Through our YouTube videos and our published books, we explore the needs and successes of our species and our collective home. All from the perspective of a certain age.

What You’re Going To Find Here

Books, videos, words, ideas, and more

At some point, we’re all going to get to that point where we say “How the hell did I get to be 50?”. It’s even worse when that number flips to starting with a six. But this isn’t a time for decline, absolutely not. It’s time to live! And I’ve got one or two opinions on the whole thing.

Our bodies change. Our minds change. Everything changes. So how do we look inward at ourselves? At mental health, physical abilities, mental stimulation, food/diet, knowledge, sex, and relationships? How do we look outward at making the world a better place? What does it look like from the second half of life?

The Pirate Wanderer is a daily vlog that explores all of that.  Looking at life from the angle of (dubious) maturity.  

If one sees a misdeed or wrongdoing against humanity, it is our moral obligation to use our voices to call it out. If we see opportunity, we must take it. If we see a need, we must fill it. We have to end our collective silence. End the hate and apathy around us. Together, we are the solution.

The RICK HIGGINS Dialogue is not a political commentary show. We do not preach the good word of one party over another. Everyone is equal as far as affiliation, but diverse in their support of all things human. We bring to light those who would put corporations, greed, and self-interest above the growth of humanity. We celebrate those who step up and do wonderful things. And we explore opportunities that can help us all. Not in a political way. Just in a human one.


Two books for your reading pleasure! 

The latest book is called BE THE RUBBER TREE, Tales Of Resiliency and Struggle.  It’s about … well, the title says it all.  My stories, and others, all through the lens of coping and resilience.

The original book, LETTERS TO A DEAD UNCLE, A Travel Novel Of Sorts, is sort of about travel.  Well, actually not.  It’s about life, cultures, and exploration … via travel.

Both books are available now in their entirety on this site. Each chapter, all for free, and all for your reading pleasure.  Or if you’re a traditionalist, head over to Amazon Publishing and grab a paperback or Kindle version.

Let Us Explain A Little More

Who And/Or What is RICK HIGGINS?

Well, Rick Higgins is a person. He’s also a channel on YouTube and on social media, plus an author of fine words. Yea, we know, it’s a little confusing. He has a YouTube channel called THE PIRATE WANDERER, a channel devoted to life after 50 (and well beyond) and opinions where humans and humanity reign supreme. And if that weren’t enough, he writes and publishes books, right here on this site.

OK, I Get The Channels, But Who Is Rick?

Well … you can scroll up a bit and click “ABOUT US” in the headers above, or we can save you some trouble and give you the 30k’ view here. Rick is your host. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, he finds himself more of a global citizen now. Living in Miami, Florida, he wanders. And volunteers. Explores, helps others, finds adventures, seeks out new cultures and food, and is seriously unhappy about the number associated with his next birthday.

What Do I Do Now?

Click around, learn, send us messages, and generally make yourself at home. Check out the channels and the social media sites. And if you want to play a little deeper, click on the Become A Patron link in the navigation bar. (Or wherever your phone put the little menu). And most importantly, try to be happy, live life to the fullest, help others, and join us in our attempts to bring humanity a little closer together.