Action Brainstorming

The action brainstorming exercise can help you get out of a rut or a sticky situation. And it can help you understand your life from the big picture perspective.

This easy to use activity is only one page long, with a table that is split into five columns. The instructions are to think of actions or behaviors that you frequently engage in or would like to engage in, and direct them into the appropriate columns.

  1. In the first column, write down the actions or behaviors you would like to stop doing. These are behaviors that are not helpful for meeting any of your goals, or are actively harmful.
  2. The second column can be filled with activities you would like to do less of, such as activities that are sometimes helpful but time-consuming, or paths to destress that have been taken to an extreme.
  3. The middle column represents the actions or behaviors you would like to keep doing. This is where you will write down the things you do that you are satisfied within your current life, like regular exercise, paying your bills on time, or a weekly dinner with a loved one.
  4. The fourth column is the “do more” column, where you write down the things you would like to do more frequently. For example, maybe you want to engage in a fun and fulfilling hobby more often or devote a little more time to a project that has real potential to succeed.
  5. The final column is the “start” column, which is where you should list the actions and behaviors you would like to begin doing. This could be anything that helps you meet your goals, such as a weekly yoga class if you are stressed, monthly networking if you are looking for a better opportunity, or an vacation/holidays if you are letting your life get overrun by work.

So … where do you see yourself?

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