Reason 1: Why men need therapy/coaching. Our generation doesn’t clearly define the male identity. Society had a strong definition of “the ideal man” back in the 1920s, 1940s, 1950s, etc. But today is much more ambiguous.

Reason 2: Relationships. Generally speaking, we men tend to maneuver more on a logical plane, and women are on an emotional one. Many men struggle to express their feelings, eventually leaving their partners in the dark, resulting in couples being separated by unspoken issues and resentment between them.

Issues Facing Us:
Divorce or widowhood
Health issues
Parent caretaking
Adult children moving back home or needing financial aid
Loss of friends through attrition or moving
Babysitting the grandchildren
Loss of income or long-term job we loved
Redefining ourselves

Why men? For many of us, life coaching is the closest we’ll get to seeing the inside of a therapist’s office. That’s because men are significantly less likely than women to seek mental-health support, whether by engaging a therapist or even just raising issues like depression or addiction with our doctor.

A 1993 study published in Psychotherapy found that two-thirds of mental-health outpatient visits were made by women. And 80 percent of people who use the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are also women, even though men are almost four times as likely to die by suicide.

Men Need Therapy And Life Coaching Options
GROW: Goals Reality Options Willpower

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