In trying to think of what to post on my end-o-year update, I was tempted to lament on […]
Ever since I created the new channel art for the Podcast, I’ve been a little obsessed with retro […]
I’m Feeling Creative When I was a wee lad, I was a curious and creative type. Shunning things […]
LIFE DECISIONS, Which Way To Go? Somewhere between the entree and the after dinner drinks, I made a […]
YouTube Growth? Damn, This Is Hard Work! How does one grow on YouTube? It’s quite simple really. There […]
With Thanks (Giving) Wow, it’s November again? I’m not sure if I should be happy that 2020 is […]
Tap Tap … Is This Thing On? I was asked yesterday, by a complete stranger, what my passion […]
The one constant in my life is that shit changes, and changes quickly. It was no sooner than […]
What Is A PIRATE WANDERER? A long, long time ago, I purchased my first internet domain name, […]
The Pirate Wanderer Is Dead Long live The Pirate Wanderer. I started a YouTube channel called The Pirate […]