In What Kind Of World Do WE ACCEPT Fear Of ASSASSINATION As NORMAL For Our Political Differences?

I was watching a news clip of the celebration after the Biden-Harris win.
As Kamala was walking there was a sudden crash, like cymbals or something. Her reaction was to basically to duck and cover. Sheer terror on her face.

What have we become? A country where it’s common place for ex-presidential advisors to talk about beheading people? Where we look at political differences and see violence and death as a solution? We are conditioned to accept THESE THINGS as a possibility?

Countries run by warlords, sure? Middle east? Maybe. But not here. No way. And before we start taking this too as the new normal, let’s think again. Sure, I despised most of what Trump and the GOP did, humanitarian-wise. But never once did I consider assassination as a solution. This is NOT America people.

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