Ladies, ASK ME ANYTHING! What Questions Do Want Answered From a 50+ MALE POINT OF VIEW?

Let’s start the new year right! By betraying my gender and answering women’s questions honestly. 🙂

Seriously, we men are not the most communicative creatures in the world, especially those of us over a certain age (Boomer-GenX Men, sheesh!). But I am willing! Willing to answer whatever you want answered. And this week, we have these five questions:

  1. Do guys ever talk about sex? Do you talk about us with each other?
  2. What do you really think of when you tell us you’re not thinking?
  3. Do you like looking at other women? Why are you looking?
  4. Have you ever faked an orgasm?
  5. Why do you find it so hard to communicate? Tell us what you’re really feeling!

Those should be worth some deep thoughts. Or at least as deep as the male gender can get. But honestly, those are hard to answer. Because it leaves us men kinda vulnerable. And THAT is the crux of all our communication woes. But I’ll give it a good try.

And yes … this is going to be a weekly thing, at least until the Secret Society Of Men sends someone to silence me!

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