Spheres Of Influence

One of the many ways that we tend to get off track or bogged down while striving towards our goals relates to our “spheres of influence.” The idea behind spheres of influence is that there are three distinct areas where we can sort the comings and goings of our lives:

  1. Things we can control
  2. Things we can influence
  3. Things we can’t influence, either right now or at all times

While we feel like there is nothing under our control, there is often at least one thing that we still have direct control over — our attitudes and behavior. Even when under enormous pressure or when we feel trapped, we always have that. What else are things we can control?

We also have the ability to influence certain factors that we can nudge in the right direction, even when we cannot completely change them. For instance, while we cannot control others’ attitudes or behavior, we can offer them advice and guidance, or provide evidence to help them make good decisions.

The final area in this quick thought is for things that we have no control or influence over. This is the largest area since the majority of what happens in life is not under our direct control. A good life coach will help clients recognize and accept that there is much we cannot control, and how to concentrate energy on what we can influence.

Life coaches can walk their clients through the spheres, helping them identify what is within their control, what is in their sphere of influence, and what cannot be controlled. 

Excerpted from https://positivepsychology.com/life-coaching-tools



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