THE DIALOGUE is a YouTube Channel that at first seems like a political commentary show, but it’s not. We do not preach the good word of one party over another. Everyone is equal as far as affiliation, but diverse in their support of all things human.

We instead celebrate those who step up and do wonderous things. And we also bring to light those who would put corporations, greed, and self-interest above the growth of humanity.

Exploring opportunities that can help us all. Not in a political way. Just in a human one.

Episode 12: POVERTY, Fair Trade, and Economic Disparity – CAN WE DO BETTER?

Episode Twelve: Level The Playing Field
Released: Oct 11, 2020

Fair. Fair this, fair that. It’s not fair. The press doesn’t treat me fair. Fair trade, unfair trade. What’s fair about fair?

In this episode we’re going to explore fairness. In the context of you and me. In the context of peoples around the world, who are just trying to have a fair life. Yes, it’s also about greed, politicians, profit margins, and completely unsexy topics like Macro-Economics. But in the end, it’s really about us. ALL of us, everywhere.


Released: Oct 2, 2020

We interrupt this channel to bring you a message. The effects of climate change can be reversed! Yes, you heard that right, we can fix what we broke, and stop breaking it again. Well, at least a large part of it. It’s even simple technology … and yes, I know this sounds like so much conspiracy-laden pseudo-science, but it ain’t. It’s really real.

Step 1: What this video and learn.
Step 2: Watch the film I’m talking about.
Step 3: Start making a difference.
Step 4: Accept thanks from the planet.

The RICK HIGGINS DialogueEpisode Eleven: Kiss The Ground, Save The Planet


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The New Normal Is Our Normal – Get Used To It Folks

We need to take the word ‘new’ out of The New Normal. Normal is what you do everyday. Check your pockets before going to work: keys, wallet, mask, check. Normal is shopping and wearing fashionable things, including masks. Social distancing and altering the way we socialize. And with who. (Whom?) These are our current normals. Not new, just what we do now. And probably for quite a while to come. Until we change yet again.

So stop wishing for the olden days to return. They’re not. It will never be the same as last year. It can’t. But we can all make our current normal as pleasant and enjoyable as we can. Just like we’ve done every year prior.

Where Has All The WORLD’S RESILIENCE Gone? We Need It Now More Than Ever!

We have so many problems facing us … global, personal, heck … the entire human condition feels like chaos these days. How can we have resilience, individually or together?

The answer is quite simple, and it’s in the last word in that paragraph. ‘Together’. Maybe we’re not bendy and resilient enough ourselves, but when we combine our wills, our knowledge, and our strengths, there is nothing we cannot do.

We are in the midst of something that is affecting every single human being on this planet. We need to face it with the same number of people.

Be healthy, stay healthy, and let’s come together for the health of us all. Then let’s stay together to knock out a few more problems.

Let’s Chat About Empathy … And Saving Others

Yup, another unscripted moment from The Dialogue. Based on a dinner-time conversation, trying desperately to understand just what the hell others might be thinking. Or not, as the case may be.

Progress Is As Progress Does, Or Where We Lost Our Way

Remember Forrest Gump’s famous line that started with “Stupid Is …”? Well, open your mind and apply it to Congress. Gridlock, stalemates, politics … all for the sake of party.

So who exactly is “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”. You and me, my friend. We both are. I’m ready to change that. And demand better from those we cast our votes for. Are you?

What It Means To WIN An Election. But Who Wins? The Candidate? Or US?

I just filled out my mail-in ballot based on the all of the job interviews I’ve seen. Based on references and past performance. I even did deep research into those boxes that didn’t have a name, but rather had an idea. But will that mean a winner will be selected? And if so, who actually wins?

Let’s Chat About Empathy … And Saving Others

There is a learning lesson in the news. Yes, Trump and a lot of those around him have tested positive for covid. More will test positive in the days to come. And while the memes and comments are going to swirl around him with words like karma and schadenfreude, we more importantly have an opportunity to teach.

A Super Spreader Event is where a large group of people are infected from a small group or a single person. It’s where protection was not heeded. Like maskless people packing into a fundraiser or an event announcing a justice appointment.

Many of those who are in denial about the high contagion rate of covid perhaps have never seen it up close and personal. Well, here it is. It happened to one of the most protected people in the world. It can happen to you.

And think about health care. If you get sick, you’re going to a hospital where the staff is overworked, where protective gear is scarce, and where you’re but one of many. Trump and his circle will not have to wait. His doctors and staff will not be overworked. They will not need for protective gear or equipment.

There is a learning opportunity here. Wear a mask. Social distance. Stay out of indoor events with close proximity. Wash your hands often and learn to stop touching your face. Covid doesn’t know red and blue. It just knows how to infect and kill.