At some point, we’re all going to get to that point where we say “How the hell did I get to be 50?”. It’s even worse when that number flips to starting with a six. But this isn’t a time for decline, absolutely not. It’s time to live! And I’ve got one or two opinions on the whole thing. 😇

THE DIALOGUE is not a political commentary show. We do not preach the good word of one party over another. Everyone is equal as far as affiliation, but diverse in their support of all things human. We bring to light those who would put corporations, greed, and self-interest above the growth of humanity. We celebrate those who step up and do wonderful things. And we explore opportunities that can help us all. Not in a political way. Just in a human one.

The Pirate Wanderer is a daily vlog that explores all of that. Looking at life from the angle of (dubious) maturity. See more on THE PIRATE WANDERER YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

What The Heck is IRRITABLE MALE SYNDROME? ~ It Sounds … UNWANTED ~ Tales Of Low Testosterone Yes, I ripped off this idea. Actually I ripped off most of what this is all about. But to put it into YouTube terms … this is a “Reaction […]
Transformation Tuesdays: The BEGINNING Of Change ~ Building a BETTER US In Our 50+ Years So, what’s wrong with losing hope when you’re in your 50s? Forget health. Forget looks. Forget everything. It’s time to rock that combover and beer belly, right? Or maybe not. Transformation […]
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FEAR And LOATHING At 60? Does That Number CHANGE ANYTHING? Does everyone have “that age” where all hope seems lost? For some it may be 40. For me, it’s twenty years further along. On April 10th, I’ll be 60 damn years old. And even though I […]
Let’s Chat About MOTIVATION – Does It GO AWAY After 50? – Or Is It JUST ME? We jokingly call it “Moto”, and we’re in short supply lately. Motivation, go-get-it-ness, stimulus, inspiration … whatever it’s name, it’s fleeting these days. Because of covid? Perhaps. Because of […]
Let’s Chat About RELATIONSHIPS – Why Does OURS WORK? Marriages have ups and downs, and we’re no different, despite our semi-unusual relationship. How do Nikki and I make it work? Or do we? Is smoothness just an illusion? Keywords:over 50,over 60,social commentary,emptynest,empty nester,life after 50,life after […]
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Hey 30/40 YEAR OLDS – Here’s What Your PARENTS ARE THINKING OK 50+ ers, go watch something else. I want to talk to your kids. Your adult kids, that is. It’s hard to see sometimes over the wall between parent and offspring, so I want to […]
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Get a HOBBY, Stay ENGAGED, Keep LEARNING – OR ELSE! Here are some fun facts for you … researchers have found that people who engage in artistic hobbies such as painting, drawing, or sculpture in both middle and old age were 73 percent less likely to […]