Transformation Tuesdays: The BEGINNING Of Change ~ Building a BETTER US In Our 50+ Years

So, what’s wrong with losing hope when you’re in your 50s? Forget health. Forget looks. Forget everything. It’s time to rock that combover and beer belly, right? Or maybe not.

Transformation Tuesdays are not about what’s wrong, although that needs to be discussed, but instead it focuses on what’s going to happen and why. Health goals and tracking. Sharing. Watching me workout is would be boring, but sharing progress, issues, and successes? Spot on.

Here are some of the areas we’re going to cover. Or rather, the areas I’m going to attempt, and you’re welcome to follow along. A little co-encouragement goes a long way.

For me it’s physical (flexibility, strength, wind) to be healthy, not to just look it. Which means better nutrition. And sleep.

But that’s not all. Hygiene, meaning the daily routines. Older skin needs something different. Not biting fingers. Hair. And clothing. Look the part, be the part.

Mental health. Daily affirmations and journaling. Meditation or at least settling the mind. Therapy and coaching.

Social. Bottom line is social. Because without people, it’s all for naught.

Over 50 Transformations
Body And Health

0:00 Welcome Champions!
1:46 Why Do Such A Silly Thing?
2:20 So, What Needs Fixin’?
3:25 I’m Still Stuck On ‘WHY’ …
4:24 The List Continues
5:13 The Brain Drives The Body
6:03 The Big When

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