What The Heck is IRRITABLE MALE SYNDROME? ~ It Sounds … UNWANTED ~ Tales Of Low Testosterone

Yes, I ripped off this idea. Actually I ripped off most of what this is all about. But to put it into YouTube terms … this is a “Reaction Video”. LOL!

Actually, it struck me when I watched it. Not because it described me. But rather because it described the anti-me. I’m finding myself becoming less
of a grumpy old man as time passes. And definitely less so when my testosterone went haywire.

“Andras” in Greek means human male and “pause” in Greek a cessation; so literally “andropause” is defined as a syndrome associated with a decrease in sexual satisfaction or a decline in a feeling of general well-being with low levels of testosterone in older man.

2nd Act TV

Is Irritable Male Syndrome Affecting Your Relationship? The Truth About Andropause & Grumpy Old Men!

0:00 Welcome Champions!
1:02 The Voice Of Experience?
2:24 The Real Normal
2:51 What Does This Really Mean?

“Low T”, as all of the ads put it these days. Male hormones changing slowly over time, causing many of us to become grumpy old men. Or worse.

The strange thing is I went in the opposite direction. Back in my late 40s, I was going through a long period of hormonal changes. Night sweats, temperature fluxuations, complete lack of drive (sexual and otherwise). No motivation or energy at all.

I was once as low as 100, which is well under accepted norms. But my doctor wouldn’t put me on any type of replacement until I remained under a hundred for three checks. I danced all over that line, never staying under for a long period. So nothing much ever changed.

In 2014, when I moved to Florida, I was experiencing issues that I assumed were related. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t). So they tested my testosterone and it was 653.

For the record, here are the norms by age:
40–49 ~ 252–916
50–59 ~ 215–878
60–69 ~ 196–859

Funny thing, like I mentioned, I never “got grumpy”. I was just tired. Unmotivated. My mood really just stayed “meh”. I couldn’t even manage grumpy or angry. But like with many topics, I’m usually on the opposite side of normal.

The Truth About Andropause & Grumpy Old Men – Get Off My Lawn!
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