Career? Retirement? Something large on the horizon? What are the best ways of getting where we want to be from where we currently find ourselves?

Marriage, love, friendships, family. How do we as men become and stay successful in our relationships?

Are you perfect? Does that even exist? How do we become better? How do we learn to love ourselves?

The one constant in every life is it’s going to change. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not. But it will change. Same as death and taxes.

Perhaps it’s a job, or even a wholesale career switch. Perhaps it’s health issues or increased needs from family and friends. Eventually you (I and everyone) is going to find ourselves at a crossroads and wonder which way to go. Which path to take.

This is what Life Coaching does. To help you find the options to get you from where you are, to where you want and need to be. Not with magic. Not even with advice. Because your options are inside you already, just waiting for you to see them.

It’s human nature to get tunnel vision at times. Our perceptions of reality become so hyper-focused that we lose sight of the larger pictures. Of real reality. Life Coaches are facilitators. Third parties. We’re not clouded, fixated, or limited. We ask the right questions to open your vision. We help you to define options and possibilities, and to examine them. Will they get you to where you want to be? Are they worth trying?

And as those options are attempted, Life Coaches also provide feedback and help you adapt your path to changing currents.

For life change, I can offer a non-judging ear. To help you see where you currently are. To help to understand underlying issues and problems. And to determine what steps must be taken to help you find a resolution.

Your goals are your own. They are unique. Your options to travel from “Point Here” to “Point There” are already somewhere inside you, waiting to be released and observed. I will not tell you what to do. I won’t even offer up advice on what I would do. Life Coaching doesn’t remove responsibility for choices, but it does help making finding the right choices easier.

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