The Life Coach – Client Relationship


Just to set expectations, I am not a therapist or a counselor. Nothing in our relationship is medical. Nor legal. I am a facilitator and a mentor. A coach. I help you to understand where you are now and where your goals are in the future. Together we discover the options that may get you from A to B. But all of this is already in you. It’s just that sometimes the perception of reality and actual reality get separated and tunnel vision sets in. Which is where life coaching plays its strongest role. To expand your vision and to allow you to see all possibilities.


You selected a Life Coaching tier, which guarantees you a set number of hours per month. These hours are to be used within each calendar month, but allowances can be made to carry over time when scheduling issues prevent us from coming together. But generally speaking, we need to schedule and use those hours in the month they were purchased. And the first hour of our time together is always free, in order to set expectations and to determine if we feel a connection can be made.


We will be speaking via Zoom (or Skype if needed). I can also do local interactions in Miami in a convenient setting. If you wish, I can also record our sessions for your playback. (They will be stored on a private Dropbox folder). We can also email, although please be aware that this will count towards your time.


Even though Life Coaching is not regulated the same as the medical world, your privacy is paramount. What we discuss remains between us, period. The only exception would be if something was said or done that that could cause harm to you or others. Otherwise, I will never divulge what we discuss without your permission.


While there are no contracts between us, per se, there must be an agreement between us in order to maximize our ability of helping you reach your goals.

– I will be unbiased and non-judging during our sessions and interactions.
– I will always be on-time and fully immersed in our sessions, without distractions.
– I will give as much notice as possible if I need to re-schedule.
– I will always respect your privacy.
– I will always be friendly and welcoming.
– I will never “give you advice”, but I will help you find and validate your own.

– You will always be on-time and fully immersed in our sessions, without distractions.
– You will give as much notice as possible if you need to re-schedule.
– You will never “seek advice”, but strive to find and validate your own.
– You will provide feedback quickly if you feel our sessions are not to your expectations.

– We will work together to find the best options for reaching your goals.
– We will be professional, friendly, and courteous to each other.
– You will drive the direction of our sessions, I will help guide.


I can be contacted at