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Which is 0 hours different from east coast time. My noon is your noon.
CAN YOU PACK FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR IN 28 INCHES? So, I’m planning on leaving the United States and not […]
Wow, we’re down to a week and a day until the grand adventure starts! So much to do, and so […]
EXPERIENCE KEY LARGO LIKE A LOCAL (IF JUST FOR A LITTLE BIT) The Florida Keys are a series of islands […]
Do you have any idea what needs to happen in order to leave the country for a year plus? I […]
NOT ALL COFFEE IS CREATED ALIKE (AND NEITHER IS MIAMI) So, you’re a coffee drinker and are currently visiting Miami.  […]
So if you’ve been following the bouncing ball you know that we managed to catch covid again. Despite being vaccinated. […]

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I’m Rick Higgins and I’m on a mission to experience all that life has to offer.

I’ve raised my family, climbed the corporate ladder, and after decades of “normalcy” (and at the tender age of 60) I found myself facing the big decision to either follow the standard norms of society and quietly “retire” into obscurity or … well that really wasn’t a decision, now was it? I’m just not built for the quiet life. I’m guessing that you aren’t either.

So the quest is on! Wandering everywhere, experiencing everything, and bringing you along for the ride of a lifetime. Nothing is off limits and everything is possible. Adventure, life experiences, some dramatic failures, and all that is in-between. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be healthy, be happy, and we’ll see you out there!



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A CREATORS JOURNEY with Rick Higgins

This is my creative journey, learning the ropes of YouTube and trying to make a living off it. And yes, I realize the irony of a channel discussing the creation of itself. But technically it’s about the growth of my main channel LIFE ACCORDING TO RICK (https://www.youtube.com/rickhiggins). 😇

There are a gazillion channels telling you how to grow as a new YouTube Creator, but not so many telling you what it’s like to actually do it. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Simply do X, Y, and Z in that order and millions of subscribers will be heading your way! Well … maybe yes and maybe (probably) no. Sadly, a lot of these channels and gurus have moved so far past their own initial stages that they can now only look through the lens of their own success. Something the rest of us are still seeking. But there is hope.

Let’s Get Started

The last official video from the studio! (I know, very sad). But it also means the adventure is beginning! And so here's how I'm packing my entire life into just 28 inches. 🙂


So, you’re an “Airplane Clapper”. One of those special people who applaud when the plane’s wheels touch the ground. I gotta ask … WHY? For god’s sake, what possesses you?

I guess we’re just from two different worlds, my friend. And yours is a wee bit louder than mine.

Just sampled the most enticing words on my @YouTube homepage.

Confessions, Secrets, Hidden, Biggest/Strangest/Wildest, Surprising, Best/Worst, Unbelievable, Never, Shocking, Insane, Awesome, Reality, Don’t, Mistake, Scariest, Brutal

Now to make the perfect title out of them🧐😇

Happy Sunday everyone! A little blog post with some behind the scenes information on the up and coming! I personally cannot believe that it's this close to starting. And in a way, I wish I could just go tomorrow. Oh well, I suppose I can wait ...