Back on Dec 4, 2019 I made a video titled ‘Culture Shock in Spain – My First %$@# Moments’, a compilation of the strange things we encountered during our first jaunts to Barcelona Spain.  In it I talked about personal space, or the lack thereof in Europe.  Shifted lunch and dinner hours.  And the strange locations in the supermarket for various items.  It did pretty well, compared to my other videos.  So … we’re at it again!  Just expanding our borders a wee bit.

  • Hula Hoops and Privacy – Personal space is quite different over there.  Take Iceland where tailgating is just another way of saying hello, how are ya?  And where grocery store etiquette allows for more than one person in a space.
  • Centralized vs Not – Speaking of grocery stores … why shop at the box box store when there are so many more options for specialities?  Like an entire store devoted to … spices.
  • Trains and Buses – Everywhere!  – And not just for the car-challenged.  Inexpensive transportation for the masses!
  • You Can Land in the Wrong Country – Seriously, you can do this.  We did.  But there’s an easy way out of where you don’t want to be, and in to the one you do.


I had a blast doing the first video and somehow forgot to make another one.  Believe me, there are so many strange things (from an American perspective) yet to share!  Enjoy!

PS: This may be the first time that I have ever filmed a video without a second take.  It went straight through, first time.  Guess the 43 gallons of coffee helped!


Did you know that in Europe you can land in an airport, ask a taxi driver to take you to your hotel, and be told that you’re in the wrong country?  Seriously … you can actually do this.  We did.


Hi, I’m Rick Higgins and yes … that really happened.  And so much more.  So today we’re giving you FOUR more culture shocks we discovered while living in Europe.  Some good.  Some … well, you’ll find out.

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  • Thumbnail needs to be similar to the old one.  Looking shocked at something in a smiling sort of way
  • Turn each of these into a Short as well.  Remember two thumbnails for each.  Launch the shorts the day after in bulk.

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