I decided to get “Professional Help” with my channel.  Sure, I could (and will) continue to watch all of the various offerings for free on YouTube about how I’m just missing one secret piece of the puzzle … but those videos are totally geared towards the masses.  I wanted someone to look at what I’m going specifically and to give me some more pointed advice.

And so … I met (virtually) with Ingrid Blackburn from Video Creators to do just that.  I can’t share the video snippets, but nothing says I can’t tell you about them.  😇


Top 9 Take-Aways

  • Titles and Thumbnails not at the 8th grade level, but kindergarten.  If faces, make them prominent.  Pull them forward.  If background, make it relevant.  Thumbs tell the story.  Never too busy.  Eliminate noise.
  • Need a strong trailer (and within each video) insight into who am I.  Connection is important.
  • Every video needs to show exactly who you are targeting and what they are getting out of it.  My immersive experience and why they need to believe they can.  
  • Hooks need to be short.  Dive right into the middle of the story.  Thumb is story.  Hook is diving in.
  • My outros suck.  Best tie to tell someone why they need to watch the next offering.  Special opportunity.
  • Extend watch sessions.  Key to getting more views.
  • Content buckets.  For the AI and people.  Thumbnails can be similar.
  • Folks who agree are great.  Non-believers are equally as sticky and good.
  • Never put uploads at the top.

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