Yep, I did it again. If one has a small and barely growing YouTube channel and time on their hands, it just makes sense to create a second channel, right? (Or even a third?) I mean, why be frustrated in only one direction?

Here’s the scoop (and by the way, the channel’s located at I’m a small YouTuber and growing. There is a lot to learn. A lot of advice to take and attempt to reconcile with the real world. And that in itself is a journey. A story. So I want to share my thoughts, experiences, and feelings along the way. It’s one thing to make a video at the end looking back, its quite another to build it along the way.

I’m planning on doing some ‘talking head” vlog-like videos, simply sharing my emotions. But I’m also going to be reporting on that advice I mentioned, because there are many of us. And hopefully my experiences will resonate with them. I’m hoping that one day growth and success will find me, and I can “x out” the word new in that banner. To start reporting on growth from the mid-point and beyond. But you’ve got to start somewhere.

So yep … one channel about Life, Travel, and Adventure. One channel about that channel. And one channel about … wait, that’s three. A third channel? Well, yea! Well, kinda.

There are times I just want to make a video that doesn’t belong anywhere else. It’s not about travel, lifestyles, adventure, YouTube, health … nothing. Just a rant or something fun. This is where those go. 🙂 I’m not planning on this channel every being a “thing”. It’s just my sandbox. Where I can try different edit techniques and story ideas. Where I can just be me. Located at

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