I found two different “gurus” who essentially said the same thing, so I wanted to try to combine them into a test. And yes, I will be doing a video in a few months time to see if these things work at all. Here’s the premise … you can either allow YouTube to get views for you … or you can try to force the issue.

Daniel Batal suggested in ‘This Trick made YouTube Recommend My Video‘ that the key was a consolidated attack using a single target. Specifically … there are four areas in each video where creators have some power of suggestion:

  • In the description (above the fold). Viewers see this part of the description at all times, and they must click “see more” in order to get the entirety of what you’ve written. That area is ripe for “WATCH THIS NEXT” at the very top with a link to the video you want them to see next.
  • On the end screen you can specify which video you’d like the viewer to click on next.
  • Same with an informational card somewhere in the video itself. These are the little “suggested” banners that pop across the top right of the screen.
  • And finally, in the pinned comment. If the very first thing you have at the top of the comments that others have to see before they can leave theirs is also a “WATCH THIS NEXT”, then it’s another impression.

The idea is to use every avenue at your disposal to move the viewer from one specific video to another. And as Ed over at Business Film Booth suggested in ‘I DELETED old videos and got 7667% MORE VIEWS! Here’s how‘, the notion is to get the viewer to binge. To signify to YouTube that you are keeping people engaged, and thus to up the ranking of the two videos in question. He also suggests removing other “noise” from the equation. For instance, ONLY have that video on the end screen, so the path is clear to the viewer. Their only option is to click that video (and not a playlist or subscribe). It was also suggested to use graphics (like an arrow) and the spoken word to bring that solo choice to their attention.

And so, that’s what I’m going to start doing. While I’m creating a story, title, and thumbnails … I’m also going to figure out the exact path I want the viewer to follow and to make plans to move them along.

Now you might have noticed that the second video mentioned deleting older videos. And on that one … I’m not so sure. I get that most of the videos on my channel have zilch to do with my current niche, but I’m also under the impression that YouTube isn’t really considering me primarily as a channel. That they look at individual videos.

BUT! Some of my highest ranking videos, which still get suggested to this very day, are product reviews. Negative product reviews at that. Which have bupkis to do with travel and life. I just wanted to try them. Will flipping them to unlisted mean that the mothership will suggest other videos from my vault instead? I guess it won’t hurt anything to try, they’ll just be unlisted (not deleted). So I guess I talked myself into that as well.

So … this is what … September 16th. Let’s see, in three months I’ll give myself an early Xmas present of evaluating the absolute success (or not so much) of this experiment. Watch this space for the update!

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