A World Based On … SEX? – Did Hippies Have The Right Idea? – A Panel Discussion

This was a great discussion — looking at other cultures for inspiration. And we found one in the primate community! Can we live in peace and love like our bonobo cousins? With lots of sex?

Silke, Robert, and Nick joined me for a 30 minute (or so) chat on the subject. I personally found it just as interesting the responses from the panel. Was the focus on the sex, matriarchal leadership, or emotions? We each seemed to have a certain take on Bonobo society. What’s yours?


In this episode of The Dialogue, I’m joined by Silke Schwarzkopf, Robert Manni, and Nick Lituanio as we discuss a curious example of a matriarchal, “hippy” society that is based on peace, love … and sex. A society from our nearest neighbors in the evolutionary chain. Can we learn from Bonobos?

Silke Schwarzkopf
Creator/Host, 2nd Act TV

Robert Manni – Host of Guy’s Guy Radio show primetime on KCAA in So Cal, worldwide podcast, and YouTube channel. Author of critically acclaimed novel, The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love, called the men’s successor to “Sex and the City”.

Nick Lituanio
Act Your Age – Go Do Stuff

The Dialogue is a panelist discussion on topics that typically start out focused, then rapidly devolve into real life.

Today’s Topic!

Primate societies, and I’m including the human species in this, are largely male-dominated. Conflicts are often settled with violence. Males typically rule with oppression and control.

However, there is a primate society that operates quite differently. Bonobos. They have the reputation of living in hippie communes with no aggression and lots of sex.

The thing that really sets bonobos apart from the rest of us is the status and dominance of females. It is a matriarchal based society. When conflicts occur, they are typically resolved peacefully, along with genital rubbing and copulation.

All sex aside, they do live in a more harmonious world. While aggressive moments do occur, their society frowns on such and they use other techniques to live in harmony.

As members of a certain age group, we grew up in a very male dominated society. And while progress has been made, we have a long ways to go to have parity between the sexes when it comes to leading our society.

So, two questions to lead this off: (1) Are humans capable of adapting any part of the bonobo culture? And (2), does the mindset and upbringing of our age group help or hurt that possibility?

The Rules!

No politics, excessive cursing, insults, or bad vibes. You must be semi-polite. No overtalking, interrupting, etc. This is not a Trump-Biden debate. I have a mute button and I’m not afraid to use it.

No winners, just ideas.



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