According to the Gurus, YouTube Shorts are the answer.  To everything from subscriber growth to our own personal redemption.  But is this truth?  Can every niche find glory and happiness using this format?  Do they even belong in the same channel as long-form formatted videos?  I’ve tried them for some time now, as have some of my fellow small YouTuber compatriots, and it’s not looking good for the defendant in this trial.


  • How it’s so different creating a story in under 60 seconds, especially for a lifestyle channel.  Dance videos and comedy/unusual things are easy.  But STORY?  And especially visual story?
  • (DO THIS ONE on camera one, open, so I can use it i vertical format with things flying by) – The time spent in creating is so much more “by the minute”.  Everything you do on a ‘normal’ video, all of the time, with a shorter product.  Vertical.
  • Many gurus state that this will explode your channel.  I haven’t seen it yet.  Show my examples scrolling by.  And mention my peers not seeing it either.  Maybe I haven’t found the magic mix that YouTube will present.  Booze seemed to be the big one for me, but it was never “in the millions”.  Just in the hundreds.  You need to be an expert in a completely different game, I believe.
  • (CAM ONE as well, but normal) – I still want to try, because it’s a creative challenge.  But not because of subscriber growth, I’m not convinced of that yet.  Unless you’re creating TikTok styled shorts and dancing like a teenager, I don’t see how this is going to be easy.  Or quick.  All niches are not amenable to stories in under 60 seconds for the attention challenged crowd.

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