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Who INITIATES SEX and Why It Matters So Very Much Story/Script Guess what? Men love to be asked for sex. It’s true! Really! We do. And today I’m going to tell you both the how and why. Pass on the knowledge that men want to feel […]
Living in a CAMPERVAN in ICELAND? – The Strange Journey Begins Story/Script Iceland is an incredible, wondrous, and alien place. It’s somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Dantes Inferno. And we’re going back! Only this time … when it’s warmer … and in a seriously […]
TOO LOW MAINTENANCE In Your Relationship? When Does Easy-Going Turn HURTFUL? Story/Script Low maintenance people are great, right? Well yea … unless they’re not. It is possible to be TOO low maintenance. Today we’re going low-fi. Low maintenance. We’re going to be exploring the ‘sure, whatevers’ […]
I GOT VACCINATED Against Covid! – Tales From The Aftermath Story/Script VLOG Season I – Episode III Studio shot – I’m Terrified. Let’s chat about why on the way there. (Transition Show date and time and teaser text, like that cop show)In Truck – Quick explanation […]
Does RETIREMENT Require A DIFFERENT HUSTLE? Lessons From Another Generation Story/Script Remember the days of working for a single company your entire life? Job security. Pension plans. Yea. Well, there is another way. And it comes to us via millennials. Today … the gig economy. Or […]
How Did KISSING Start? – The Answer Is A LITTLE WEIRD Story/Script It has been reported that you will spend 20,160 minutes of your life kissing. That’s a lot of lip time. And it’s going to require a lot of Chapstick. Let’s take a look at […]
The Magic Word POSSIBILITY – And Where I Misplaced It Back In The 80’s Story/Script The other day I was sitting and listening to music. Good music. 80s music. And I was thinking of all the good times from back in the days of big hair […]
Have You Been SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH In Your Life? – The Answer Might Surprise You Story/Script You know your neighbor over there? Pretty damn successful. Complete winner. Love the guy. So … how’ve you been? Hi, I’m Rick and this is Mastering The Second Half. And today […]
HOW MANY PEOPLE CHEAT On Their Partner? What Exactly IS Infidelity and Is It Really All That COMMON? Cheating, Polygamy, Infidelity … there are lots of different words for when two people bond together, and then connect with others outside of that bond. It’s actually a […]
I Asked 50+ People … WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST OVER-50 SURPRISE? There is a website called Quora which allows folks to ask questions, and the masses to answer. It’s like wikipedia, only with opinions. And the opinions I sought were … what surprised folks when they passed […]
Who Is Most Likely to Be SEXUALLY SATISFIED? Is It Really A Contest? I found a really fun article comparing sexual satisfaction between the, ahem, sexes. Wanna know who “comes out on top”? Story/Script Hey everybody, I’m Rick and this is Mastering The Second Half. Today? […]
PANDEMICS and OTHER EXCUSES Why I Can’t Go To The Gym Story/Script On February 2nd, 2020 global air travel was officially restricted because of covid-19. Lockdowns started in many countries (including the United States) soon after. And eventually those lockdowns became a way of life. People […]

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