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There is this strange balance between still being in lockdown (mostly self-imposed) and knowing that in a few months I’ll be living the opposite. I sometimes feel like there’s a danger of just moving my prison cell from a house in Miami to another elsewhere. Which […]
Tomorrow I will be interviewed by 2ndActTV and the subject will be on the regrets of the dying.  And it won’t be just us spewing our opinions, we will be looking at several studies and books written by palliative nurses and doctors who had recorded the […]
For the past few years I have been a’ preaching the dogma of remaining true to yourself. To be flexible, kind, and yet firm in your believe of self. To use opinions from others for guidance and information, and not as inducement of guilt. And here […]
I had a long talk with myself last night. The whole split-personality thing where inquisitive me was asking reluctant-to-share me why he was doing the things he does. And to be very specific, why if only a few years ago he proclaimed Miami to be the […]
Well, I haven’t blogged in quite a bit … whatever shall we talk about today? How about … Does traveling abroad, especially for long periods of time … (or even being an expat!) … mean you hate America? Honestly, that’s a truly American concept, that travel […]
Looking at the ole ticker on the top of this website, I see that “Something Grand” is going to happen in just over 79 days. And as I was fueling my caffeine addiction this morning, I started pondering what a normal day might look like in […]
Yep, I did it again. If one has a small and barely growing YouTube channel and time on their hands, it just makes sense to create a second channel, right? (Or even a third?) I mean, why be frustrated in only one direction? Here’s the scoop […]
My life has been dedicated to understanding what lies underneath. I have always questioned everything, even to the point of being asked to leave classrooms … like Sunday School. (Seriously, I got kicked out of Youth Bible Study at the age of ten-and-a-half). The one constant […]
At 3:30am this morning (and yes, I know that’s redundant), I awoke to a brain that was writing a script. Actually it was re-re-writing one. I laid there until 5:45am … in the morning πŸ˜‡ … working on the same project, never falling back again into […]
The other day, a friend (who has no visible ink) told me I needed to capitalize on my tattoos. Use them to my advantage on the YouTube channel. Make them part of my persona. To which I replied … “I have tattoos?“. Well, I replied in […]
The world learned a lot of things during the past (almost) two years. It learned that what harms one can harm all. It learned that not everyone will be completely sane in the face of adversity. And it learned to fear … everything. Fear is a […]
Lessons From An Inflexible Dude Under the category of things you probably didn’t know about me, it was only 30 years ago that I accomplished the hardest long-term thing I’ve ever done. Not because it was a challenge physically (although it certainly wasn’t easy). Not because […]