Tales Of Resiliency and Struggle

Major illnesses, bad relationships and their subsequent divorces, natural disasters, and even the death of my own mother at an unfortunate age.

Each of these events has taught me a lesson. And sadly, sometimes those lessons needed to be repeated a few times before they finally and ultimately stuck. And sometimes, even more sadly, those lessons remained just outside of my grasp.

These are some of my tales, plus the stories of others who have had to face the unfaceable, yet somehow found the strength to push forward, and to even thrive.


A Travel Novel Of Sorts

On a day that I was supposed to be performing real paid work, I decided instead to scribble a note to my dead Uncle Jimmy. My long-term adventure in Europe and Northern Africa was still a few weeks away and I was seriously itching to launch and share it. Yet despite all of the excitement of again living in a favorite city, I also couldn’t help but focus a little on “what happens after?”. And I figured my dead Uncle Jimmy might have an opinionated suggestion or two.

So I started writing him letters. Asking for advice. Sharing with him what was happening as we landed in Barcelona and dove in again to our wandering ways. Trying to wrap back around and figure out life.

Talking to the dead. All normal, right?

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