I am frustrated beyond words. Every YouTube Guru out there tells you to do the same things and viola!, you’ll be successful. But that appears to be a lie. Or at least a stretch, I assume so they can grow their own channels.

STORY – I tell decent stories, on topics of interest. I get (from the few that watch) very good reviews on what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. I know my niche is active because I’ve collaborated with others in it that are doing quite well.

QUALITY – My production quality is top-notch, and it’s not just me saying it. I’m at the professional level as far as that goes. Same with everything about my channel “wrapper”. Great banner, channel name, playlists, profile image … you look at the channel page and know instantly what it’s all about. It even has a catchy trailer.

HOOK – My titles are intriguing, as are my thumbnails. My retention is actually pretty decent, so I know I’m hooking and keeping folks more often than not. My CTRs are OK as well. Nothing to brag about, but solid. (Then again, when you get 30 views, the data is kinda not really helpful). And my SEO is on point.

EVERYTHING ELSE – I post regularly, have all of the supporting social media connections, am part of a mastermind group, have taken the classes and read the books, get complements constantly (and all wondering why my views are so low), and I have 264 videos in the hopper … each progressively getting better and better.

And despite all that, my subscriber count is flat. My views remain unchanged and never over 50. My impressions are almost non-existent. And I have no idea why. It feels like sheer luck at this point. I’m doing EVERYTHING THEY SAY TO DO, and nothing changes. In fact, and I’ll blow my own horn here, I’m doing what they say to do on a much higher scale. Am I too professional? What the hell is it that’s not allowing me to move forward?

I really want this to succeed. Because I enjoy it and need it to be more fulfilling. I want my creativity to be seen and to help others. And I know it’s wrong to compare, but when I see what does take off? It’s just too much to understand sometimes. I get that the name of the game is to please the audience, and I do that. And I get that YouTube has a gazillion videos. But when they say they have great algorithms that deliver quality videos to who wants to see them, I call bullshit. My stuff simply isn’t being shown. That one analytic, impressions, tells me everything I need to know about YouTube. They’re not showing my stuff to others, period. When I look at my own home page, I’m not seeing things that I might be interested in. I’m only seeing things I’ve either already seen, or from people I already know. Including when I search. YouTube simply isn’t trying very hard to promote new folks.

I’m going to get a professional audit of my channel to make sure I’m not missing anything, but I’m also going on the assumption that I’m OK … the gurus are selling optimistic snake oil … and that I can’t rely on YouTube to do squat for me (regardless of their promises). I’m going to have to find other ways of promoting myself on the platform. It’s not going to happen “Organically”. That’s just like playing the lottery, and we all know how that goes.

Some days it’s hard, really hard, to stay motivated. To call yourself a YouTuber. Because that allegiance feels very much one way.

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