Looking at the ole ticker on the top of this website, I see that “Something Grand” is going to happen in just over 79 days. And as I was fueling my caffeine addiction this morning, I started pondering what a normal day might look like in that new world. Tomorrow, for instance, the old world will still have its pattern. Its routine. Basically pee, coffee, social media until I deign to start to begrudgingly work, lunch in there somewhere, dinner, maybe a bike ride, definitely Netflix, a wee bit of alcohol, sleep, repeat.

But what what does it look like in say … 80 days?

I realize that this particular story will have no end. No conclusion, at least not today. It’s a one sided comparison with me playing the part of Jeane Dixon (am I showing my age using her as a reference?). But I am curious how my future “day in the life” post will look, compared to this guess.

OK, I’m going to have to pick a place and time, because there will be many. So let’s use Barcelona in Summer as the background. Why? Because it’s the greatest city ever conceived by man. (Just an opinion). And summer is the greatest season.

So, what does the life of a Content Creator look like in June of 2022?

For starters, I’m not going to be able to pick a day of the week, because I get the feeling that there will be no “weekends”. This example could be either a Saturday or a Wednesday. My first prognostication is that the typical five on two off thing will disappear. But I also guess that I’m going to be “working” far more than 40 hours a week. In my vision, this is just a constant stream of activity. Each day being different, but essentially the same. And all of them being something I enjoy.


09:00 Wake up, deal with personal hygiene, grab some camera gear and run out for a coffee with Nikki (and perhaps a croissant) at an outdoor cafe. Walk around a little, but soon head off in opposite directions. Me to film what I had planned previously (see below, I think. I’m still typing this.)

10:30 Do exactly that. Shoot whatever I’m supposed to shoot. And while I’m wandering, look for cool and interesting things. Look for more inspiration. If it’s not a “film day”, then shoot b-roll for future videos and get even more ideas.

13:00 Back to the apartment for editing, business stuff (marketing, social media but only dealing with my audience and community, etc), planning, scripting, all of that fun stuff. At some point, Nikki will come back as well (probably many hours later) and we’ll chat about our days.

19:00 Golden hour for sunlight is starting. The sun sets in three hours or so, and this is the time to get in some really dramatic footage. So take out the camera and go shoot some more. Periodically stop for a beverage at an outdoor cafe.

21:00 (Or 9pm to you Americans, LOL!). Time for dinner. 9 times out of 10 it will be us cooking, because somewhere during the day one or both of us went to the market and bought fresh things to cook. Or maybe we head out to a restaurant for some grub. Either way, we eat and then wander. Try to find things we either love, or will soon love. Sometime (well) after midnight we’ll head home, stop by our favorite vegetable vendor for snacks for the next day, there to sleep.

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Never in this does Netflix appear. Sure, periodically we’ll stay home and fire up a movie on the laptop. Just as we’ll occasionally (OK, more than occasionally) go out to an event. Many days we’ll explore new things together, or plan the next step in the journey. The point being we’ll be free to do what we want, when we want.

I envision myself (even and despite covid) being extremely social. In my future vision I am not simply moving the location of my prison cell. I am alive, interacting, exploring, and smiling most of the time. Because so many new and wonderful things are flooding my brain. My “hobby” of being a Content Creator is taking off, and I am truly doing what I love. There are no real schedules, per se. Yes, I do have a certain amount of content that I will be creating, but it’s not on a calendar. I’m making things because I want to make and share them. And because it’s my passion, it’s a huge part of my daily life.

Is this a possibility? Absolutely! Take away the camera gear and this was us in Barcelona in 2017 and in 2019. I’m simply replacing writing software with something far more interesting. And I can easily imagine the same taking place in any other location on the planet.

I have had a dream for decades of riding a motorcycle around the world. Moving ever forward, seeing what life had in store for me. And it’s always been just a dream unfulfilled. As I’m typing these worlds I’m suddenly realizing that I am actually going to be living that dream. Only I’m substituting the mode of transportation to be less fixed. Is it what I had always wanted? Not quite … but I think it might turn out to be even better this way.

So … in one year I’ll write the sister post to this story. (Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I’ll be blogging daily with what I’m doing and what life is like!). Let’s see then if I’m even close. I feel like my inner Jeane Dixon is on point, but you can never tell from the tarot cards. They’re kinda finicky.

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