So you wanna travel for more than two weeks in the summer, huh?  But you’re saying … “Rick, I can’t afford that!”.  Well, yea you can.  Where there’s a will and all that.  

In both 2017 and 2019 we lived abroad for four month stretches each.  Now granted I was/am a remote worker, so my income didn’t change.  But my girlfriend Nikki didn’t have that luxury.  And neither one of us will when we start our big year-long-plus adventure of traveling around the world.  There are ways to manage budgets and make it easier.


So you wanna travel for more than the usual two weeks in the summer, right?  But you’re saying … “Rick, I can’t afford that!”.  Well, actually you can.  It just takes a little … creativity.


Rick Higgins here and today I’m going to inspire you and give you some ideas on how to manage your extended travel … and actually pay for it.

To start with your first question … no.  As in, no I’m not going to give you a 12 step program with guarantees.  We’re all different.  I can only share with you what has worked for us.  But together, we can figure out lots more.

RIFF – Quick look back on our two trips.  Broken down into FIVE parts.

  • Need to reduce/eliminate “back home” expenses.  AirBnb the house.  Or just sell everything.  Or at least the cars.
  • Convert to remote work, or at least create some remote work income streams.
  • Remember hidden costs … like if you quit your job, where’s your health insurance going to come from?
  • Think VRBOs and alternative lodging instead of hotels.
  • Quick riff on how I’m affording my next year.  Balancing savings against possible career change.

Wrap up with pointing to how fear can be overcome.  (Next video).  Be happy.


I see this as less of a studio thing and more of a “let’s see if I can make a video like Casey not in a studio”.  Use different locations that bridge the same story.  And that story is preparing to travel.  So shopping perhaps.  Or even using the studio not as a studio, but me preparing it.  Or some other “daily life” thing where I’m discussing the story of selling everything, getting shit to pay for itself back home, altering budgets, and looking for other sources of income to boost.

  • I see looking back on the prior two long term trips and how we did that.  Which for me included remote working.
  • Initial costs and expenses, how we’re trying to live frugally, how we’re going to share budgets and expenses.
  • Hidden costs, like health insurance.  Either because you’re not working or because you’re staying at the country requires it.

OK, how to shoot this?  If I’m talking about extended travel, I should look like I’m traveling.  All shot not in the mid-day sun, of course.  There is the open, outro, and five sequences … so I need seven semi-distinct locations … along with b-roll tying everything together.  Keys?  Beach?

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