Hello fellow Small YouTuber, have I got some deep thoughts for you today. And yes, in typical Rick-Fashion […]
I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. My growth on YouTube and elsewhere in the social media […]
I have this recurring thing that I say when people ask me about aspects of my YouTube journey. […]
I am a creative guy, in a problem-solving “engineer” sort of way. I’m also a story-teller. So creating […]
So … despite a complete onslaught of hungover-related exhaustion and a stolen sliver of Xanax, my brain refused […]
So I’ve got three YouTube Buddies, and we’ll leave their names out of it for now. Because honestly […]
OK, so not every week is Jetsons-level quality. (And I have no idea what that means, I’m still […]
So … I wanna be a travel-type YouTuber. Step one was getting out of the studio and actually […]
I was asked last night what I was working on next, vis-à-vis my YouTube channel. And instead of […]
Hey Fellow Wanderers, Rick here with yet another weekend recap! Well actually, an early weekend recap.  Why?  Because […]