I’m trying to be positive, but that burn out thing wasn’t just a storyline. When I took two […]
OK, back to YouTube and the journey. 🙂 I have an interesting problem to solve. During the lockdown, […]
The reason I created this section (Personal journal) was to document what was happening in my mind as […]
The other day I had a great conversation with myself. It would be nice to remember it, so […]
In this corner, weighing in at 3,232 pounds, the undisputed champion of the word … IMPATIENCE! And in […]
On Monday I return to employment at someone else’s pleasure, and I’m really not sure about this. But […]
Today I learned: Creativity cannot be managed with a to-do list. It cannot be planned. Creativity requires … […]
Sometimes thoughts needs to organized by writing. Dreams as well. Last night I had some doozies, and not […]
This time last week, on a internally dismal Monday, I was a wreck. All the stuff that had […]
I have been known to rail at folks who consistently do the wrong thing. Trump and his minions, […]