I started doing YouTube because I wanted “to rediscover my creativity”. Re-embrace my teenage self who was so […]
I have always thought that burnout was something you did with your tires on a ’72 Camaro. (My […]
Honestly … what is it going to take to wake you the fuck up? (Excuse the language if […]
So, I’ve got a couple of weeks off to cleanse my brain of burnout. Progress is slow. Really […]
And it’s going like shit. Something’s gotta give today. More tomorrow.
I’m honestly not sure Nikki understands my dilemma. Which is an odd word to use, and perhaps a […]
Grooming So, I have this semi-cryptic checkbox on the ole endless checklist that reads “Groom/Plan Everything Else (Pivot/Business/etc)”. […]
For the record, these are hard. I’m so used to writing scripts and stories for others, that writing […]
I had a not great night. Not a bad night, just not a good one. Bad dreams, bad […]
Hi … tap, tap, tap … this thing on? I keep a personal journal from time to time. […]