Who Is Most Likely to Be SEXUALLY SATISFIED? Is It Really A Contest? I found a really fun […]
PANDEMICS and OTHER EXCUSES Why I Can’t Go To The Gym Story/Script On February 2nd, 2020 global air […]
Misogyny – Why Are WOMEN FIGHTING AGAINST WOMEN? – Can Our Generation Help? This is not an “Aha! […]
Learning From BAD HABITS – Like Cigars and Quickie Sex – It’s Time To SLOW DOWN Folks Story/Script […]
The EMOTIONAL HEALTH of Single and Divorced Men (Sorry Guys, But We Need To Talk About This) Story/Script […]
How OFTEN Should You HAVE SEX? – The Truth About SEXUAL FREQUENCY When it comes to sex and […]
My WILDEST Sexual Achievements (Obvious Clickbait) Yea, sorry. I know you were hoping for giraffes and bondage, and […]
A World Based On … SEX? – Did Hippies Have The Right Idea? – A Panel Discussion This […]
SEX Q&A: How Many People Have Actually HAD A THREESOME? Threesome. Ménage à trois. Whatever its name, does […]
You CAN’T MAKE ME Exercise and Eat Better! (ft. Nick Lituanio) Story/Script I have a new friend. His […]

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