So I had yet another channel consultation yesterday with a “guru dude” named Daniel Batel. And at first […]
This is the last time you’ll ever see me at this desk, in this studio, making a video.  […]
t appears that YouTube Guru Daniel Batal is actually correct.  I know!  Who knew?  (Sorry Daniel) In his […]
I decided to get “Professional Help” with my channel.  Sure, I could (and will) continue to watch all […]
Collaboration with more successful YouTubers is hard!  Right? YouTube is a lonely endeavor.  It’s just you, a camera, […]
“YOU NEED A WEBSITE!”, screams the ads on your social media.  But do you?  Well, that answer is […]
According to the Gurus, YouTube Shorts are the answer.  To everything from subscriber growth to our own personal […]
📌 ⬅ Watch This Next! The TRUTH about COUPLES TRAVEL I almost stopped being a YouTuber.  As […]
Every “YouTuber” knows what the platform promises as its ultimate goal.  To provide the right video to every […]
I’m a YouTuber. I make videos. And in doing so, I wear many hats. I’m also trying to […]