Collaboration with more successful YouTubers is hard!  Right?

YouTube is a lonely endeavor.  It’s just you, a camera, and your endless waiting for a comment, a like, or even a view on your latest offering.  You want to do something with another person who understands.  Perhaps small like you.  Perhaps larger and more experienced.  But how do you do this … and is it even worth your time?

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several other YouTubers and I would like to call out my first.  Silke Schwarzkopf of 2ndAct TV initially became a sounding board and then invited me onto her show.  Several times, in fact.  And I have learned so much from her.  Mostly that being a YouTuber doesn’t have to be lonely.  So thanks Silke for being a friend!

2ndAct TV


(close up, curled up on the chair wrapped in a blanket)

YouTube is lonely.  It’s just you, a camera, and the endless waiting for a comment, a like, or sometimes even a view on your latest video.  You want to do something with another person who just … understands.  


(shrug off blanket)

Rick Higgins here and today we’re talking about collaboration between aspiring YouTubers, like us.  Some how-to, yeah.  But mostly ‘why-to’.  There are a lot of reasons we should collaborate with others, and you may be surprised by some of them.

  • (Desk, fiddling with a camera or something)  Best part first.  You get to see how others are doing what you do.  I was surprised.
  • (Fiddling with light) It’s scary to reach out to others, esp. bigger fish.  And you can either cold call or … start interacting with them first.  
  • (Chair with pad and pen, looking over ‘script’) Questions are also collab, it’s not just getting on someone’s show.  I’ve done the reaching, and the accepting.
  • (Desk, typing on laptop) It’s hard to be filmed (and edited!) by another.  No control.  
  • (Chair) You will feel more responsibility.  You need/want to be 100% your best!  And when you flub (the recent story of my flubs) …


Something about reach out to me and lets help each other out.  4 subs or 40k.  It’s about the craft, not the contest.

And remember to pitch the followup video Are YouTube MASTERMIND GROUPS a Waste Of Time?

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