On Monday I return to employment at someone else’s pleasure, and I’m really not sure about this. But first, a realization I had yesterday.

I’ve been focused on the mental cleansing benefits of The Pivot. Taking a year off from said work and traveling the world. But I failed to notice that Nikki had her own. She’s been consuming van-life videos and I thought she was just filling time. Turns out this is a real thing for her. So my epiphany was that both are needed. A year around the globe and … a year living in our trailer, wandering the continent(s). So I need to plan for two years away, and the expense of what to travel in. Which is completely fair, and I feel bad for not recognizing her needs. She’s mentioned actually traveling in our travel trailer for a long time. I didn’t listen.

But now we get to each have our own adventure stacked upon each other. And I can find ways of extending Pivot I into Pivot II and hopefully keep the YouTube Love going. And even if not, we’re still going to have one hell of an adventure.

Which brings me back to work. In two days I re-enter the den of nonsense. I need to find ways of keeping those stressors at arms length. Knowing that in just 108 days I’m out helps. Three and a half months and I’m a free man, burning through his life’s savings.

Actually and seriously … I need to start thinking of the hats I’m going to be wearing. Maybe the first month or so I’ll be more casual, learning etc … but this time away is to build a business. One that has very little chance of being built. The only way it can succeed (and for me not to have to return to programming) is to bust my balls on both the creative and business sides. I’m going to have to give it far more than I ever gave any job. And that mindset needs to start forming now.

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