EVERYTHING I’ve Told You HAS BEEN A LIE (Only Partial Clickbait)

Season 1 Episode 1 – The Boy Within The Man

In this first episode of The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins we look at … LIFE!  As in, mine.  Do I actually take my own self-help words of wisdom to heart?  Am I truly living the dream that I tell you must be lived?  Important questions, these. 

Over the past 18 months I’ve made a number of videos about overcoming struggles as well as preaching on various methods to improve.  Some of which I’ve even taken to heart.  Mostly.  Sorta.  OK, maybe not.  The bottom line is that while I am happier now than I’ve ever been, there is still a very big obstacle I need to push through (The Big Secret!).  But I think I’ve got the answer.  And this time, I’m going to take my own damn advice.


Follow along as our intrepid host and explorer, Rick “Is That Really Your Hair” Higgins, attempts to take his own YouTube Video advice.  Hijinks and hilarity abound in this episodic series about life, challenges, and misadventure!  

“The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins”, only on the Mastering The Second Half network!

OK, that was a little cheesy, I’m sorry about that.  But let’s go down this rabbit hole together.  The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins is indeed an episodic series with yours truly serving as the guinea pig for the advice and concepts I give.  And for my beautiful transformation.  (I only hope that I turn into a butterfly and not a moth).  Nothing is held back.  If it works, you’ll see it working.  If it fails, you’ll see me … well … do what I seem to do really well.  🙂

And here’s the big secret … I came to the realization that I don’t want to follow my career anymore.  Yes, it pays well and is secure, but with every day that passes it feels more and more like a trap.  A comfortable trap designed to keep me from wandering away, but a trap nonetheless.  Now your mileage may vary, and you may even be like the majority of humanity that has no problem with that lifestyle.  But for many of us, especially yours truly, something needs to change.  And I have to see this through, no matter what.


SOCIAL MEDIA: I need to thank some YouTube Buddies for talking me into realigning my usual batch of how-to videos with real life examples.  I was honestly hesitant to make videos about me, but these guys helped me to understand that without human context, my channel was going to be limited.  Thank you gentlemen, this is going to be a fun pivot!

Check out their channels!

DIY Gene
Gene Cavasos

Pete Rondeau

Disrupt Retirement
Nick Lituanio




(Close up at desk, studio in background, no talking until ‘deep breath … ok’  The rest is voice under.  Each sentence a a separate clip, stitched together.  Today -> amends is pulled back pacing, lower body.)

(Looking scared, then resolute, nodding head.)

📍  I haven’t been honest with you. And today I need to make amends.  To … explain.  And to make an announcement that will hopefully set everything right.  

(Deep breath, look scared and contrite)  OK …




(Very hesitant, yet quick – Keep up the pace – REMEMBER, THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT)

(Fade in)

(Full)  Admission time.  My lies have NOT been lies of, well … untruth.  (Gasp sound)

(Punch in)  Every last fact that I’ve brought you has indeed been truthful … (look sly) … at least as far as you know.

(Full)  Nope, my lies have been ones of omission.  And today I’m going to come clean.  Pay my penance, as it were.  Just give me … a moment … to quickly explain why I’m finally sharing this.  

(DESK … swiveling head into camera)  Otherwise the announcement I’m going to make in a bit will make absolutely no sense.

(B-roll of YouTube, voice under, switching to b-roll of lectures and college)

📍  Several of my “YouTube Buddies” have recently made the comment that while they like my videos, they also think that I come across as a semi-boring college professor trying to get people interested in pre-century Hungarian literature.

(Stop everything, no music, mid shot, spoken as an aside – Pop up a flag beside me.)

And for the record, I have nothing against Hungary.  I love the country.  Great food and oh my god, great booze.  I highly recommend a visit … and also their pre-century literature.  But I digress.

(Back to B-roll of YouTube, , snap in photos of the guys, left side)

📍  Ahem.  My YouTube buddies.  The three wise men.  My friends Nick, Gene, and Pete …. well, they’re the brutally honest types.  

(Back to me, mid shot, sound fades away)

You know, those people in your life that just won’t hesitate to tell you that your breath stinks … or that there’s a stain somewhere unfortunate on your pants?  That’s them.



(Quick cut to camera two)

But disregarding their utter lack of compassion and empathy, they were correct.  I do need to take all of this self-help advice that I spew on this channel … and give it a face.  

(quick snap out to me smiling, pointing, ding sound under)

Show YOU how well it works for ME.  Only, therein lies the lie.  (Typewriter this on screen)  I don’t always take my own advice.

(Screech sound no music) 

OK, that’s actually a lie lie.  A real lie.  I do SOMETIMES take my own advice.  (Sound comes up)  But even when I do, oftentimes I don’t.  Let me tell you a story about this here video.  Because it’s not the one you were originally going to see … and it will explain a lot.

(B-roll of happy life, happy music – cheesy in a way – voice under – 4:3 vacation looking)

📍  Most of my schtick centers around embracing life.  Improving relationships, making better choices, and NOT being afraid of change.  So when I decided to heed the fella’s advice and start this new series called The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins, where I actually walk the walk, I went into major film production mode.

(Full width – B-roll of me doing the first things  – Then talking head)

📍  I scripted, I blocked out scenes, scouted locations and even slept with the director.  

(Wide shot)  It was going to be this big, splashy intro in the world of me … complete with a humorous sketch in the beginning where Nikki calls me a diva (pause, point up, and roll the diva, smiling).

(Punch in a bit)  And just as I was about to film this masterpiece, I realized that it was … there’s no other way to word this … it was a pile of shite.  

(B-roll of me looking at prescription bottles, comparing, sniffing, etc)

(Voice under)

📍  It was an epic woe-is-me tale of living with anxiety where the biggest reveal was how many milligrams of Buspar I take daily to keep the panic attacks away.  Where was the adventure?  Where was the excitement of living as a shining example of post-50 bliss?

(Wide shot)  So I rewrote it.  And I even left out the diva part … sorry sweetie.  I instead decided to tell you a real story.  About overcoming fear.  And you’re going to want to stick around for this, because by the time this video ends … everything changes.  (Music ends)  And I do mean everything.



(Music/transition b-roll – Something looking like renewal)

(Wide)  I pick my stories and topics for this channel because … I live them.  Because I want to resolve issues and experience a joyful life.  And recently I’ve come to realize that while every time I tell you, dear viewer, to chuck that which sucks and embrace the good life instead … I’ve not personally done so.

(B-roll of old computers, old engineers, explosions and general 1940s fanfare, 4”3 in sepia)

(Voice under)

📍  I’ve been in the same career for 42 years.  Data Processing, to be specific.  Now it pays really well but I’ve also been miserable for most of those decades, not doing anything close to what I love.  And yet I stay, telling myself that ONE DAY I’ll retire and do what I want to do.  A day which I fear … just isn’t going to come.

(End B-roll with film sliding off projector, back to wide shot)

So I recently made a major decision.  And promptly immersed myself in utter fear.  Partly because the change I want to make could be sidelined by covid.  But mostly because it’s a huge risk.  And 60 year old dudes like me don’t take big risks.  Or at least we’re not supposed to.

(Punch in)  So, how do you push past fear?  Well, by facing it I suppose.  So that’s what I decided to do.  (Deep breath)  I’m going to leave my career for a bit.  Maybe forever.  Take a one year sabbatical to start, maybe two.  Beginning in the spring.  

(Small b-roll with birds singing, transition)

(Wide)  It’s still a big secret, but when I do tell my employer … I doubt they’ll hold my job for me.  So what happens after?  A 61 year old dude going job hunting and competing against underpaid and desperate youth?  That should be … interesting.

(Punch in, put on a covid mask)

And what happens if covid again rears its ugly head?  Will I spend my sabbatical year in lock down?  Ordering bad food and hating life while plowing through my dwindling budget?

(Wide – removing mask)

(Leaning in, personal)  I came to realize that these fears weren’t really real.  Does it matter where I am if covid hits again?  Here in Miami, or elsewhere?  Am I supposed to keep slaving away at a career that I have no passion for, in the hopes that one day before I die I can actually live?

(Wide, lean back, be confident)  

Nope, fear is best faced.  And face it I shall. 



(B-roll music/transition –  People enjoying life)

(Music down)  So what am I going to do with my freedom year (or two)?  For starters, this.  (Hold up camera)

(Punch in slightly)  My passion is re-embracing creativity.  And my “full-time job” is going to be YouTube, only with a travel and adventure twist.  Where?  To be decided, but probably starting in Spain.  I miss Barcelona too damn much.  But the working plan right now is … to just wander the world.  

(Wide) Just live in Airbnbs … frugally, after all I’ll be unemployed.  And experience everything that life has to offer … just on my own time table.


(Transition quick/jump cut – this is back to the original story – slip in 20 seconds)

So my big lie has been that I have allowed fear to hold me back from actually taking the advice that I spend so much time giving you.  And in pretending that my life is the one that you should emulate.  Which leaves me with only one real option … start living to the fullest.  And start encouraging from a place of reality.

No details or dates yet, stay tuned.  But in the meantime, I’m going to revisit a lot of the topics I’ve already preached about, and start putting them into real world perspectives.  Because I need to get ready for this adventure in more ways than just packing a suitcase.

(Pause lean in)  And I’m guessing that you need to get ready for this too.  

(Lean Back)  So with that, be healthy, happy … hold on for one wild ride … and we’ll see you soon

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