Round The World 2021

Our Two Prior European Trips

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Current home base is: Miami, Florida, USA
Which is 0 hours different from east coast time. My noon is your noon.

Next up? San Francisco / Oakland. Family and the Bay Area call!

We’re off traveling the world!

In the map, the red location pin is our current home base. Blue is done. And the green ones are the current possibilities. So while I wish I could give you a firm plan of what’s next and when … this isn’t a planned adventure … other than we know of a few must-visit places.  

From my first international trip in my mid 20s (five weeks in Bangkok, Thailand!) to the ever ongoing onslaught of travel, exploring cultures and peoples is my main passion. Not just for different views and places, but to understand the human condition. To understand myself.

The goal of this isn’t to hit a number. Actually, there is no goal. No magical amount of travel that will make me check off the box and move on to something else. This is education for the soul, and I will always be a student.

Prior World Travel Adventures

In May of 2017 we traveled to Barcelona Spain, there to use the city as a hub for wandering throughout Europe and Morocco.  But it was so much more than that.  I fell in love with Barcelona.  Never before had I felt like I belonged someone so strongly.

In May of 2019 we returned to Barcelona Spain, although this time primarily to explore Spain and to visit friends we made the previous trip.  And to fall in love all over again with this city.