In this corner, weighing in at 3,232 pounds, the undisputed champion of the word … IMPATIENCE!

And in this corner … the contender. (God rest his soul)

The problem with life is that while impatience hits quickly and hugely, the things that succeed sometimes take baby steps. The incremental take time. And ADHD sucks.

That’s it.

No wait, let’s look into what’s in the old noggin and see if we can learn something. Remember the last few mastermind meetings on the YouTube channel? Someone said something inconsequential and you suddenly had to write it down, because it made sense in your world. Happened again yesterday and this morning, didn’t it. A sudden, yet tiny bit of inspiration and insight. Then a long wait until it can be implemented and tested.

And that habit of thinking that old insights are absolute? Yea, forget about those as well. Life is flowing, so get with the flow.

I love to travel and experience new things (I know that, I’m you, remember?). And I think I have a slightly better than zero chance of switching careers to YouTube. But it’s in the pudding that taste is made. Travel is the hook and backdrop, but it’s not THE thing. The biggest underlying thing/desire in my life is connection. Being social. I want to wander to make those happen. So I need to keep in mind what the goal is. Both in my life and the channel. (Because honestly, they are going to become the same). And that goal is indeed connection.

I’m currently dividing up the channel into three parts … (1) Shorts and humorous things, (2) Specific travel stuff, and (3) living by example and sharing my life. How does that play into the real world? Perhaps by exploring fun things? Seeing the world? And most importantly, living? With each incremental channel insight, I need to see the real life aspect as well. So as I further define how I want to build the channel, I need to remember that the channel is me, and I need to start there.

What does that mean, Rick? Well Rick, it means that I need to start living more fully. Stop saying “as soon as” and “can’t do that here”. Just get out there and start being the person I’m selling. Because it is me, and he’s ready to Break Free.

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