“YOU NEED A WEBSITE!”, screams the ads on your social media.  But do you?  Well, that answer is actually kinda complicated.  For me, it’s a definitive yes, but then again I’m in the business.  As in, before I decided to film videos, I wrote code.  So having a website for me is as basic as making a cup of coffee in the morning.  But for most people, it’s intimidating.  To creatives, they want to create and not have to maintain an online billboard.  But there are a few reasons you might want to consider getting one … and a few reasons how you might.

  • You control the content.  Everything on your site is available to you at anytime and you have complete control over how it’s displayed, when and where.
  • You can centralize your multiple creatives.  Say you have a YouTube channel and a podcast … on your website you can lace them together and show your audience the entirety of your creativity.  And like Grand Central Station, you can have a central point to send them to all of your offerings.
  • And you can also use your website as another creative outlet.  A place to host your blog so you can share your thoughts.  Your photography or other hobbies.  Your life.  It’s yours to do with as you please, and you’re not limited to “niche”.  Your website is your world to define.


A website? Pshaw!  They’re old school and complicated.  You’re a creator!  You don’t need one.  Only everything I just said is of course … wrong.


Hi, I’m Rick Higgins and yes I’m here to tell you why as a creative type you could really use your own web site.

“But it’s complicated!  I don’t have time!  I’m A YOUTUBER!”.  Great, that’s all true.  But it doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. 

Look, I may be a small and growing YouTuber myself and can’t offer you much in the way of advice other what I personally experience.  But websites I know and I want to share my knowledge with you.  Yes, it can be complicated, but there are ways around it.  Let’s begin with the reasons why you ABSOLUTELY need one of these magical things.

  • Centralized content
  • Control of content and presentation
  • Another creative outlet
  • Financial (ads, e-commerce, sales pages for what you sell, etc)

Discuss the how.  Outsourcing the difficult parts, or all of it.  And how I just happen to be able to do that.  

YouTubers are always considering outsourcing edit, thumbnails, etc … why not a website?

And at the end, thank them for getting to this point and tell them to email me the word aardvark for a lifetime 5% discount.  And how I’ll make that 10% if they give me a paying referral.

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