Have You Been SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH In Your Life? – The Answer Might Surprise You


You know your neighbor over there? Pretty damn successful. Complete winner. Love the guy. So … how’ve you been?

Hi, I’m Rick and this is Mastering The Second Half. And today I’m going to explain to you why you are also wildly successful, only perhaps not exactly the way you’re thinking.

We humans compare ourselves to others. It’s kinda, sadly, what we do. The grass being greener and all that. We also look at everything as a rush to the goal line. Of the 27 plays it takes to get there, only the touchdown matters. No score, no success.

And I apologize now for the sports analogy.

This is the way we live life. You career? Your climb into that coveted top position at work? If you don’t make it, you didn’t succeed. And as post-50-year-olds, the window to hit that sweet spot is slowly closing. Time’s a-wasting, right? So much undone. And time is being compressed.

Well, I have news for you … you’re wrong. In many, many ways.

Remember years ago when you got that first promotion? You were on the way. That was right around the same time you had you first child, wasn’t it. You know, that kid that’s now at college working towards their future. And doing pretty good. So … what were your accomplishments back then? You were recognized for your skills at work. You got a promotion. You brought into the world a great life, and were a pretty damn good parent. Just look at that kid now!

Are you taking credit for any of that? For what you achieved then? Now take a peek back at any other moment in your life. When you changed a tire for that stranded motorist. When you brought some food over to a grieving neighbor. When you won at family game night. Do any of those things matter? I mean, you’re still not in the top position at work, so you’re a failure, right?

So … what should you do? I know, work longer and harder hours. Focus! You can put aside some family time and skip a gym session, because the goal is yet unmet. Or ….

You can have the wisdom of knowledge gained. Of experiences made. Of acknowledging that the milestones and moments in everyday life were wonderful accomplishments. That you have been successful over and over and over.

Memories get masked. History is written by the victors. We can become so focused on a single moment in our future that we shape all of our memories towards that one solo goal somewhere in our tomorrow. But that’s not truth. Every moment in our history was one of achievement, even if it was learning something the hard way.

Goals are wonderful things. In fact, I’m currently writing a Udemy course on that very subject. My goal is to teach you about goals. But that’s not the entirety of my life. I have many goals, both large and small. And each is worthy of feeling accomplished over.

Also, goals change, even when we don’t want them to. That top slot at work? The one you wanted so badly in your 30s? Does it still feel as worthy now? Or are you pursuing it because it’s still unmet? All of those promotions up until now, all of the contributions you’ve made to the company, you probably have HUNDREDS (maybe THOUSANDS) of accomplishments just there in the workplace. And just because you’re missing one … and one that may not even be paramount anymore … that alters your sense of accomplishment?

I think you can see where this is going. I haven’t been very subtle, now have I? The title of this video is ‘Have You Been SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH In Your Life?’. For starters, take the work enough out of it. Doesn’t matter. There is no magic number associated with what you must accomplish. Have you been successful then, in your life.

Yes. Yes you have. And you will continue to be tomorrow, and the next day. And the next day after that. It’s not a zero sum game. You are in a constant state of ‘winning’. So enjoy it.

Be happy, be healthy, and we’ll see you next time.



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