So, how much planning is too much planning? Our Round-The-World adventure is still months away from launch and we’re already starting to break the basic rules of nomadism. Meaning, go where the urge takes you. But we do have a very valid reason for … (Spoiler Alert: Costa Rica). You see, the US Government actually did something right.

OK, what does that mean exactly? Well … Nikki’s passport expired and she sent it in for processing in the middle of the pandemic. Right at the time when estimates were up to a gazillion months for the fine folks at the Passport Processing Center to issue her a new one. I honestly was figuring on somewhere in the February timeframe to see that little blue book. So we really couldn’t plan anything outside of the states until we had it.

Well … we have it. 🙂

Yepper, it came in this week and we can now start planning. “But Rick”, you ask. “Aren’t you already scheduled to go to two places?”. Why yes we are. December 14-January 4th we will be in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland) and then in Richmond Virginia until January 31st. All in the name of family. So while those cities are important, and will be covered by me via YouTube, the real adventure starts in February. Which brings us to Costa Rica.

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Nikki is not exactly enamored of cold weather, so while we’re eager as hell to get back to Spain, it’s going to be a tad nippy in Barcelona that month. So I asked Nikki to pick a country to start and she selected Costa Rica. We’ve been there once before and barely scraped the surface. And we really want to dig in.

So, what’s in Costa Rica you ask. Well, nature for starters … and lots of it. We actually have no idea how long we’ll be in country (we only just started looking last night) but my current best guess is a month or so. We want to hit the coastlines of both the Pacific and Caribbean. We hear that they are wildly different. Plus mountains, volcanos, nature preserves, and everything else the country has to offer.

It’s going to be an interesting start, money-wise. I’ve basically budgeted up to $50/night for lodging and assumed that five out of seven nights would see us cooking meals at home. And I barely have a budget for car rentals (thinking public transportation will be the norm). Well … volcanos don’t really have subways. LOL! So this is going to be a real challenge as far as spending goes. I know we’re looking into some “unusual” and cheaper places to stay, so perhaps the monthly bottom line will be OK. Time will tell.

As far as the YouTube Channel … this is going to be interesting. We were watching a bunch of videos last night and each and every one of them was a “here’s our room here’s what we ate here’s a beach” offering. Not exactly what I was hoping for. When I make my videos from there, each one is going to be based on a story. Yes, all of the gory details of Costa Rica life will be presented, but I want to do more. And there’s the rub …. I know very little about the country. I don’t know what stories to start with. So if you figure I’ll be doing two videos a week (minimum) for a month, I need to come up with eight stories about a place I know zip about! So guess what I’ll be doing over the next few months. LOL!

This is again a “first time” thing, just like the budget. Aside from our re-entry into Barcelona, most places we’re going to visit will be new. I’m going to need to create stories about them as well. So I suppose Costa Rica is going to be really interesting from a lot of standpoints.

OK, last thought before I let you go. I’m trying hard to figure out what daily life is going to be like “on the road”. This YouTube-Thing I’m doing is actually a job. If I create two main channel videos a week, some shorts, daily blog stories, a weekly podcast, daily social media posts (including lots of Instagram and Tweets), and the odd secondary channel video … I’m going to be “working” just about every day. And a lot of “working” involves sitting for hours in front of this laptop. The third biggest learning experience that I think Costa Rica is going to offer me is how to balance a brand new life. Usually when one travels, they just travel and experience stuff. I’m starting a business at the same time, so I get the feeling that I’m going to want to clone myself to do both.

With that … be happy, healthy, and we’ll see you soon!

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