There is a website called Quora which allows folks to ask questions, and the masses to answer. It’s like wikipedia, only with opinions. And the opinions I sought were … what surprised folks when they passed 50? Pretty interesting stuff …


Hi, I’m Rick and this is Mastering The Second Half. Today? You! Well, the collective you. As in, what “you” think as you roll into and through your 50s and beyond.

  1. Once I passed 50, I discovered how easy I had become mindless and numb

I kinda understood this one. They stated that when they were a child, their life was busy. There were never enough answers to all the questions they had. Imagination and ideas were overflowing and infinite. And as an adult, their life was still busy, but not the same kind of busy.

They reported that this change of perspective wasn’t “on this day”, but rather it was gradual. And looking back, they realized that their creativity and curiosity had somehow vanished.

Now, on the flip side, they also reported that once known, they took solid steps to revert. To re-discover the desire to learn and to experience. And I think this one is probably not all that uncommon. We get wrapped up in responsibilities in our 30s and 40s, and we forget. Well folks, time to remember.,

  1. After 50, I discovered the fact that I do not feel or think any differently than I did 20-30 years ago

This person also added … “And I’m not sure why, but I never imagined I would GET SO OLD.”

This … yea, this. I can relate. But I also have to ponder … do we really think the same as we did way back when? Or are we looking at our memories through our today lens? Not that it matters, I suppose. Memory isn’t an exact digital reproduction.

But … what I think they meant was that in our minds, we haven’t changed all that much. Not in the way we look at the world. Our desires and beliefs. The change has just been time. And I think more than anything, this sums me up. When did I get to this cusp of being 60? It just doesn’t seem to make sense inside my self-view. Not that it’s bad, it’s just … seemingly not possible.

So yea, I don’t think I think all that differently. But how I became 59 and 3/4? That’s a mystery.

  1. At 50, I realized just how fast it all went

This person was 69, and they said that as they aged, time accelerated. Once they hit 50, it really began to pick up velocity. And soon they are 60, birthdays came by in what seemed like every few months.

Now this scares the you-know-what out of me. Im 59, and while I do feel the clock ticking, I’m not quite in hyper-calendar mode. Maybe with covid, but that’s really just made life both unmoving as well as feeling like time’s been stolen.

I think there is something to ponder here. Perhaps if time is going to rush by, we just need to make the most out of every moment.

  1. After 50, I’m surprised that I’m eating less

Hmmm, nope. I can’t relate. Not at all. Next question.

  1. For some people, life after 50 gets easier; for others, not so much

I think this one gets right to the heart of it. If you are in relatively good health and finances are not an issue, and if you are able to look at life somewhat philosophically, not taking yourself or anything else too seriously then, yes, life after 50 can become more enjoyable and rewarding.

Take away any (or all) of those things, life can have the opposite feeling. A lot has to do with our outlook. Attitude is everything. I have a favorite saying. Actually two. One is “You see what you look for”. If you think your life number has anything to do with your life, then it will. It’s that simple.

My other saying is “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth”. I think that speaks for itself.

So, what I did get from these responses? Well, some truth. That we’re old. Yea, I said it, we’re old. Not that it has anything to do with anything else, but we can’t deny that we have aged. But what we do here, now, and tomorrow is still a choice. Like like we always had.

So thank you to all that responded. Be happy, be healthy, go live life fully, and we’ll talk to you soon.



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