If you’ve been watching the news lately you may have seen the breaking headline … THE GREAT RESIGNATION.  And maybe you’ve even clicked on an article and read a few paragraphs.  But for a lot of the those offerings, it may not have seemed that the concept applied to you.  The major news sources like to focus on either younger workers or those in semi-unskilled labor.  So what about people aged 50+ who have been in a career for decades?  How does The Great Resignation affect us?

While this is a huge and varied topic, it does hit rather close to home for me.  Because I’m directly a part of it.  Strangely I didn’t know I was in a trending topic until recently, but somehow I do find myself just there.  😇  So yes, this is also my story.  (And perhaps, yours too).


This podcast needs to be in several parts.

  • Unique open
    • Coming to you not quite live from our glass enclosed nerve center, this is Rick Higgins After Hours.  (Roll Music)  (Dynamic)
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  • Welcome!  I’m Rick and in today’s show we’re quitting.  Resigning.  Throwing caution to the wind, jeopardizing our financial landscape, and maybe even making the biggest mistake we’ve ever attempted.
  • Sound like fun?  Well …. have you heard of The Great Resignation?
  • What exactly is the great resignation, something for youngsters and the underemployed?
  • It’s the last straw pushback against greedy companies who long ago gave up on loyalty and understanding who actually builds a company
  • It’s about deciding that consumerism doesn’t really benefit people, just those that make the shit they’re buying.  Folks figured out that they could indeed live for less and still be happy.
  • It’s also about the third thing the pandemic taught us.  That being locked away in a small space sucks.  Having the bare minimum of excitement and adventure removed from our lives showed us just how little we had.  And we had the time to rethink the order of things.  Like what “retirement” really means.
  • Break to talk about the YouTube Channels, etc
  • It’s funny, I’m finally catching a wave and didn’t know it.  And that wave has less to do with the next great thing, and more to do with avoiding them.  My story about burnout, quitting, and resigning myself to risk and a shift in work-retire-work.  About my wanting a career I never had.
  • What does that mean for 50+ folks, eh?  Well, everything.  Even if you don’t want to quit and wander, 1/2 of Americans are either quitting or about to.  Businesses have to adapt.  That 60/40 can be turned into a 90/10.  That job you wanted may be available.  And with less folks in the work pipeline, ageism must fade … because those of us with knowledge and experience … and grey hair … are going to be needed more than ever.

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