Yes, we went in search of fried doughy goodness in new orleans Louisiana. (NOLA). And yes, we found it in abundance. But we also found music, love, food, more music, and opportunities to help our fellow man. (And woman). For you see, we like to combine travel with volunteerism. And not to preach it much, but if you try you’re sure to find an even greater experience.


NEW Video Style

There is a single main story which flows throughout the video, but it’s not contiguous.  Meaning, it’s broken up into pieces with segments.  But everything feeds the story.  It flows, just slower and a little stutter-step.  So the title, thumbnail, and hook/open need to set the story, but there are sub-plots and interesting filler along the way.  Casey does this very well.  Several minutes of intense story followed by something to allow that to sink in, then back to it.

The filler needs to be interesting.  It either can support the main story or not.  But if not, it can’t distract from the story.  It needs to be inert and mindlessly entertaining otherwise.  Everything is intimate.  Never preachy.  The viewer is right in front of me and at any moment feels like they could make a comment.

To rough out the Beignet Story …

The hook opens with me actually eating one, face covered in dust.  Saying I’m on a quest to find the perfect fat sugar bomb.  The perfect beignet.  Then the open.  A message screen pops up saying “3 hours earlier” with a J-edit of me talking under.  The intro states exactly where I am and what I’m doing.  Which is in Louisiana to volunteer after Hurricane ida, but first a few days in NOLA looking for the perfect cajun donut.  (and music, gumbo, list other things).

Some b-roll of street scenes and music.  Visually establish that we are indeed in NOLA.  No words.

(Scene One) is us sitting down in a restaurant/cafe.  Show the name and a very quick establishing shot of us being there.  Talk into the camera about being ready for the first contestant.  Then “while we’re waiting”, quickly describe how travel isn’t always just entertainment.  Sometimes it’s giving.  When the beignets arrive, transition into the thing at hand.  A detailed description of what’s going in my mouth.  Tasting notes.  LOTS OF B-ROLL!  

Another street scene transition, complete with talking.  Maybe a minute of something about buskers and music.  A vibe.  Handheld vlog style to continue to set the tone for location.  No mention of volunteerism or pastries.  Something fun but not detracting from the story.

(Scene Two) is a semi-repeat of one.  Show us ordering from the counter/waitress.  While we’re waiting give a brief history lesson of what a beignet even is.  How it came to be.  Then another round of tasting notes.

Some b-roll and me sitting and talking to the camera about volunteerism.  Hurricane Michael.  The next video, already in progress.  This is quick but to the point.  Elaborate on how giving makes you feel fulfilled and everyone can combine some form of community into their travels.  Make a point of heading to the third tasting.

(Scene Three)  Similar to one and two, but never get to the actual eating.  See the ordering.  Talk about food in general and previous experiences in NOLA.  And as soon as the beignets arrive and I’m about to eat … say the taste test continues.  Wait .. you want to see the winner?  Too many more to try and the camera is getting dusty with sugar, watch the comments.  (Evil grin).  

The point being is that they aren’t watching for an actual winner, but for the contest and experience of being with me as I wander NOLA.  Again, all of this needs to be extremely personal and intimate.  Talk to the camera as a friend.  Stop saying I’m Rick Higgins.  Assume they are there in front of you and are your buddy already.

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