This is NOT a teachable moment.  Nothing in this video will bring forth facts and knowledge into your life.  It’s just a random idea that popped into my brain one afternoon, and I wanted to explore it with you.  Going forward by going back.

Let’s explore some way out of the box ideas on how we can physically live in our second half.  Sure, there are existing over-50 communities and living in a van is always an option … but what lies just beyond?  Can the way we started our lives be transformed into something better for our here and now?



(Something garden related, or at least with the garden in the background)

(hook) This is NOT a teachable moment.  Nothing in this video is going to bring forth facts and knowledge into your life.  It’s just about a random idea that popped into my brain one afternoon, right here, and I wanted to explore it with you.  

(close up)  Can we go forward by going back?


(intro)  Hi, I’m Rick Higgins.  And today we’re looking at really alternative ideas … on how to physically live our lives.

(punch in) And by the way, I was serious.  I’m not teaching or preaching anything here.  One afternoon not so long ago, an idea popped in my head.  An idea on where … and how … I could physically live now that I’m … older?  

You see, keeping the ole single family dwelling in suburbia just seems like such a wasteful cliche.  And I want something better.


Now … I’ve already done the alternative nomad thing … living in temporary places like AirBnb all around the world.  Using them as home bases while exploring far and wide.  And it was great.  And will be great again … actually as early as next Spring by the way.  But as a “permanent” housing solution … maybe not for me at the moment.

Another thing I tried for several years, was living in a 33′ travel trailer.  

(Close up)  That’s a 10 meter caravan for you Euro-folks.  

Our little slice of Pre-Fab Americana was mere steps from the Florida Bay down in Key Largo.  And it was pretty great.  Our boat was docked right there.  There was a large tiki hut right there on the water to watch sunsets.  It was, and still is, an option for my next longer term housing option.  

Especially since I still have the damn thing in storage and can’t seem to get rid of it.


But what else is there?  Sure, there are the over-50 condo communities full of sex and drink starved residents.  And living in a van or converted school bus is always an option … but what lies just beyond those ideas?  What hasn’t anyone yet thought of?

(punch in)  And then it hit me.  Roommates.  Only, with a twist, because the notion of communal living from back in the 1960s also became a possibility.  I wondered what it would be like to put all that together … with what I have now.


(B-roll of yard, house, etc)

Let me paint you a picture.  We have this four bedroom, two bath suburban home in Miami Florida.  With a decent sized yard and a big gazebo here in the back.  There’s a huge food forest growing back here too.  

And when random adult children don’t return for a short stay while they regroup their emerging lives, it’s just the two of us rattling around here … you know, when we’re not putting it on AirBnb whilst we nomad elsewhere.

But what would happen if we took four couples, all around our age, and just lived together.  Not in a swinging, that sort of communal way, but just … sharing the same space?


We actually have two kitchens and two separate main living areas.  Can you envision four second half couples sharing the same environment?  Co-living and using the same outdoor gardens and whatnot?  With rules, sure.  But after-11pm parties really shouldn’t be an issue with our age group, unless the household decided to throw something together as a thing.


(B-roll of active couples)

This idea really reverberated with me.  Living in our own mini-commune.  With other folks who are dear friends, or who could be.  We would still each have our own private and personal space.  And we could associate (or not) with others when we felt like it in the common areas.  Expenses would be split four ways, so each couple would have more funds for adventure.  

(close up)  I mean, do we each really need 4000+ square feet for … stuff?


The other side-idea that became part of this was to leave one (or even two) of the four bedrooms as more temporary lodging.  Same paradigm, but perhaps as an AirBnb.  

How cool would it be to not only rent a private AirBnb room for a week, or for a month, but to have it come along with folks of your same age, all living a fun life that you can just jump into?  Marketing 101, baby!


I guess this mental exercise was my way of telling myself that we all have options.  Sure, maybe you love your stuff.  And you love your current mostly-empty large home.  And maybe a simple downsize into a “normal” condo or smaller home is right for you.

(close up)  But what about living just outside of the norm?  Starting your own extended family and surrounding yourself with like-minded folks?  Or even custom building a homestead with individual personal buildings and a grand main shared area.

What else could YOU do that we haven’t yet thought of?


For me, I want to live life to the fullest.  Not because my expiration timer is winding down, but because I have so much more opportunity and time right now.  And passion.

I want to be around people of the same mindset.  I don’t want to rely on conventional wisdom.  Instead I want to create something special and unique for myself.  And for others.

Anyway, that’s how my brain works.  I’ve never been one to conform, at least not for very long.  So if I were to buy and convert a semi-funky place into an over-50 semi-commune … how many of you would want to join?  

Applications now being accepted.  

With that, be healthy, happy, and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. I’m actually serious. At least as far as not living in suburbia anymore, surrounded by things purchased long ago and now collecting dust. And I could easily see something more communal. I know that next Spring we’re going to do the nomad thing again in Spain for a few months (perhaps more). But after that? Who knows. Maybe bringing back hippie vibes will be the thing.

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