Chapter 01: How It Started

A long time ago, on a day when I was supposed to be performing real paid work, I decided instead to scribble a note to my long dead Uncle Jimmy.

My latest adventure to Europe was still a few weeks away, so I was thus busy wrapping up my checklists and preparing for months of being not where I currently was. But despite all that was going on, I couldn’t help but focus on how I was going to document the upcoming trip, as well as endlessly wondering what the hell would happen after. And I figured my departed Uncle Jimmy might have an opinionated suggestion or two. He had been known to share his ideas in the past, even when not asked.

So as the trip transpired, I continued to write him letters. Asking for advice, but mostly sharing what was happening after I landed in Barcelona and again dove head first into my adventurous ways. And of course, trying to wrap back around and figure out life when all was said and done.

Talking to the dead.

All completely normal, right?