I have this recurring thing that I say when people ask me about aspects of my YouTube journey. I tell them that I’m “experimenting”. That I’m trying lots of new things for the experience, because now is the time. Which is semi-true. But at what point does one stop experimenting and start progressing?

I lament constantly about my lack of growth. So I figure I need to try this and try that and somehow I’ll find the holy grail. And worst case is I gain some knowledge. Again, all good … and all bad. For you see, I know what needs to be done to grow the channel. Step by step. But I don’t because it’s easier to “experiment”. And to have excuses.

The basic steps for YouTube success are simple:

  • Pick a niche/topic of interest and make the very best videos that you can that follow that niche and provide your viewers something they want to watch.
  • Create great marketing (titles and thumbnails) to get folks interested in your great content and start them down the path to watching it.
  • Be consistent and stay focused on what your audience wants and adapt as their viewing patterns change.

And that’s basically it. Same as any movie or TV show. Make a great film. Market the hell out of it. Reap the rewards. Do it again. And like any great film, make sure you do enough planning and research to know that you’re going to have gobs of viewers raving about your offering.

I’ve been all over the map, refusing to commit to a niche. Or a branded look and feel. And even now when I do have the former, I’m still “experimenting”. Which is guaranteed to prohibit my growth. Yes, I cannot yet physically create on-the-scene videos about travel and life because I’m not traveling yet. But I’m also making up “hey, how could this play into everything?” ideas when I don’t yet have the everything.

It’s time to move forward.

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This has been a recurring theme for me in my personal life. Always has been. I’m a professional procrastinator. But I also have this deep desire to be a successful YouTuber. These are incompatible things. It’s not that I’m not doing what needs to be done, it’s that my focus isn’t forward. At some point the noodles are cooked and it’s time to serve the dinner, regardless of how it tastes.

Exactly what this looks like I don’t know yet. It feels like a mindset change. I need to formally establish the branding and deliverables and move ever in that direction. Sure, I can tweak things occasionally but … you get the idea.

Stay tuned ….

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