Rick Higgins is an Author, Multimedia Creator, and Life Coach. He hosts a successful lifestyle YouTube channel called MASTERING THE SECOND HALF, and a podcast called Mastering Life After 50/60+.


MASTERING THE SECOND HALF is an Over-50 Lifestyle Channel which focuses primarily on Relationships and Sexual Health. But it’s actually far more than that. Hosted by Rick Higgins, the channel highlights opportunities and examples of living the best we can after a certain age.


Mastering Life After 50/60+ is a podcast which highlights individuals over 50 who are living a transformative and active lifestyle. Learning what they do as well as who they are.


Rick Higgins is an author of multiple self-published books. He is also an avid blogger, documenting his journey into life’s post 50-year-old world, of which his videos and podcasts play a central role.

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