Misogyny – Why Are WOMEN FIGHTING AGAINST WOMEN? – Can Our Generation Help?

This is not an “Aha! Here’s something you should know” kind of video. It’s more of a “What The … ?” kind of video. I’m simply flabbergasted at something I found and I needed to share it. What is it, you say?

A few weeks ago I was researching YouTube and I found a bunch of examples of not-quite-hidden misogyny channels. But what surprised me most was … the number of channels run by women, aimed at women, who didn’t really seem to like or respect women.

Have you seen these things?


Hi, I’m Rick Higgins and this is Mastering The Second Half. And today, we’re looking through a dark mirror. At how the differences in the sexes are being used in an incredibly negative and polarizing way.

Now, I tried to watch these videos. These female-produced instruction videos on womanhood. I was sure they’d turn out to be tongue-in-cheek parodies, but alas, no. Their basic message was an onslaught of:

“Remember way back when? America was great! Men were men and women were women. They weren’t too proud to iron and clean house for their men and their families. When their husbands came home from a long day’s work, they respected his sacrifice. Everyone had their strengths and their duties.”

Excuse me, but no. Absolutely no. In no way shape or form, no.

And here’s the sadder part … THEY GET VIEWS! A lot of views, and subscribers. These channels are popular. I’m guessing with the “change is bad, let’s dial it back to 1932” crowd. But still, they’re mainstream and being watched.

Now I get that a lot of this attitude is cultural. And some cultures are in different evolutionary places. Just look at the movies produced in Korea to see examples. (And yea, I’m down to Korean Netflix Originals, but I digress).

Here in the states, we’ve made a fair amount of progress. Not a lot, to be sure, but we are on the path. Enough to know that the only differences between the sexes as far as brainpower, creativity, and innovation are … well, there aren’t any. Gender doesn’t play a part regarding what any of us can do. Now maybe there are some physical limitations, but honestly, even a lot of men would fall short when it comes to being a pro football player. Gender does not define. We as individuals define ourselves.

Which brings me back to my complete confusion about those channels. These creators, these women creators, are defining themselves as weaker. To take a backseat to men. Either that or they’re playing a game to appeal to neanderthals for monetary purposes. Which in many ways, is actually worse.

So, why do we try to split men and women and assign them different roles in society? Sure, ‘heritage’. Men took over and are trying to stay on top. I get that. And recently, we’ve sure had a LOT of examples of some really hateful men. But we should be long past this initial hurdle by now, right?

This isn’t an issue of feminism, by the way. It’s humanism. Using labels to suppress and oppress just hurts everyone. And yea, I know, this video isn’t going to stop it. Or explain it. Or even give you a concrete game plan on how to fight against it. But it is part of the next step.

This channel spends a fair amount of time discussing gender and its responses to relationships, sex, hardships, and whatnot. But it doesn’t use those differences to establish hierarchy. Because there isn’t one. Differences are opportunities to learn, and to teach. Not to demarcate and isolate.

By the way, I honestly have no feel-good ending to this video. I was shocked, disgusted, and saddened by those channels that I found. Then again, I’m sure if I looked I could find offerings where other oppressed individuals were advocating FOR their oppressors. Covid isn’t our only pandemic. Hate has been with us for a very longer time.

So I suppose I need to leave you with this … just love everyone. Men and women are indeed equals. Different in some ways yes, but equals nonetheless. Please, let’s just stop the hate and division.



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