Opinions On HUGGING – I Think I’ve Forgotten How – Life Post Covid


Before you think I’ve again fallen into the well of despair, fear not, for I have rediscovered the river of life … and the water’s fine.

The agnst side? Well, like most of you I’ve been in lockdown. Trying to think of things to keep me occupied while sitting inside the same four walls. And yes, trying to remember how to hug people in greeting. Not that I was ever a real touchy-feely person. But still, it’s going to be awkward. Will the people in the post-apocalyptic world accept human touch? Or are fist bumps and bowing the new norm? Will Europe just require a single air-kiss instead of two (or even three!)?

Part of me was not unhappy with the removal of awkward hugs. But part was. I learned to enjoy physical human contact from semi-acquaintances. And I feel like I’m again going to have to take a remedial class on how to touch others in a non-creepy way. But that too will come, so I had better prepare myself for it. Maybe I’ll go hug one of the chickens every evening. Their fighting back should simulate real life well enough.

But the thought of post-covid-hugging also brings to light another issue, one in which I’m about 12 months late to the party in addressing. And that’s living.

I decided that lockdown meant solitary confinement. I switched this YouTube channel from one about cultures and far-flung places to that of fighting the stigma and habits of post-middle-age. I traded actions for ideas. Which has been OK, don’t get me wrong, but had I stayed away from the edges I might have found something else. And that is where I’m heading next.

Now, about you.

What has your lockdown been like? About the same as pre-2020? Have you also just closed the cell door and hidden behind it, accepting an either-or existence? Well my friend, it’s time. 2021 is going to be different. How? Well … I don’t know yet. But I have some ideas for both of us.

Getting back to an over-active, run with scissors in far away lands lifestyle is still a far away dream. But what if we all found ways to explore new ideas and new things in a new way? Couldn’t the excitement of learning a new ‘how’ be just as interesting as the how itself? There are covid-safe ways of exploring, sharing, teaching, and enjoying. We just need to look for them. I need to look for them. And look I shall. (Watch this space).

And I think just as (or even more) importantly, we need to learn to use our new time paradigms to our advantage. Meaning, instead of rush rush rush, chug out another widget … we take our time with what’s directly in front of us. Use the world’s braking to our own benefit. Enjoy the thing/moment instead of ticking off another box.

Now, as far as resuming hugging … I’ve tried but I can’t see a way out of it. There are no real alternatives. I’m going to have to touch some of you again. So in advance, I’m sorry for the awkward head bump, but I’ve forgotten where to put my arms, legs, and whatnot.


I realized that once covid is tamed, I was going to have to re-learn just how to connect with other human beings. As in, hugging. I’ve never been a hugger. I don’t naturally know when it’s appropriate, and I always look awkward. And now that the world shuns touch (like I used to), I’m going to be even more in the dark. So I decided to share some thoughts. LOL!

And, of course, with words come digressions. So I also decided to opine about the rest of “what after”. Because I’m sick and tired of being cooped up. I’ll keep doing it, because it’s the right thing to do, but I’m more than eager to get back to being awkward … and living life as best as I can.



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