Hi, my name is Rick Higgins and I’m finally living the life that I want. “Great”, you say with a little shake of your head, “what’s that got to do with me?”. Well, everything actually.

​I started this YouTube channel offering advice to people of a certain age. Answering questions that I myself had. And one day I realized that I was just being an anonymous junior college professor, standing at a chalkboard and not embracing my own lessons. Well, that changed that very moment. Now I’m living the life that I talk about and I’m bringing you along. Partly for entertainment, partly as inspiration, but always as a friend.

Welcome to the journey!

There are a gazillion channels telling you how to grow as a new YouTube Creator, but not so many telling you what it’s like to actually do it. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Simply do X, Y, and Z in that order and millions of subscribers will be heading your way! Well … maybe yes and maybe (probably) no. Sadly, a lot of these channels have moved so far past their own initial stages that they can only look through the lens of their own success. Something the rest of us are still seeking. But there is hope.

This is my journey … and yes, I realize the irony of a channel discussing the creation of itself. But technically it’s about the growth of Break Free! (https://www.youtube.com/rickhiggins). 😇