My Backstory, More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Me

It has come to my attention that while you may watch my videos, you probably know very little about me.  Sorry about that, I was trying to be … well, I don’t know what I was trying to be.  And that’s actually part of my origin story, and probably part of yours as well.  I’m somewhere between Gen-X and a Boomer, I’ve followed all the rules set forth for those of my age, and recently I hit a crossroads where I had to decide if I was as important as everyone else.  If I was worthy to be a focus.  And that answer was …

(Spoiler Alert: Yea, we are that important!)

It’s not selfish to want something for ourselves.  We’ve worked hard all of our lives.  Giving to family and friends.  Devoted to our careers.  Setting our needs by the roadside while we took care of others.  Which is all good, don’t get me wrong.  But we are important as well.  We’ve earned the right define who we really are.

So let me share my tale … and you tell me if I’m speaking your tale as well.


For as long as I can remember, the people closest to me have told me that I’ve been selfish.  Selfish to want something other than … well, what THEY want.  Which brought me recently to a very agonizing decision …

Hi, Rick Higgins here and today’s story is … me.  And also you.  Yes, you.  Because I’m willing to bet that as you listen to my “Origin Story”? … you’re going to be nodding your head and saying “Preach it brother!”.  

  • Desk
    • When you were young and starting out … when you were just a wee pupae of a human being … did you wind up doing .. just what you were good at?  You know, get that engineering degree?  Or did you do what You Really wanted to do, even if it wasn’t lucrative and altogether simple?
    • TALK ABOUT MY growing up wanting financial security, bigger houses, and all the things that Americans want.  But when I finally had it all, I realized I had been chasing a false dream.  
    • (OK, this next part requires a time machine.  To last week in Louisiana).
  • My background in volunteering, and not realizing the draw.  EMT.  CRMA.  Third Wave.  An extension of giving?  Or an insight into the real me.  I guess you could say I’m living proof that you can want for yourself and give to others.  Maybe it’s just when someone specific feels neglected, they make you feel like you’re not giving to anyone.  Anyhoo … back to the future, already in progress.
  • (Studio)  OK, details …
    • I’m somewhere between Gen-X and a Boomer, although I’m more the former than the latter.  
    • Everything has a thing.  Travel and adventure is my thing.  As well as acting and putting myself in front of a camera.
    • Spin it around.  What’s your thing?  Do you feel like you can live it without comment?  Or do you go into defensive mode anytime you tell someone about that thing you love?  
  • (desk)  The bottom line dear friends is that … we deserve our own lives.  
  • There is obviously a lot more to me than Travel and Volunteerism.  And YouTube-ism.  A big part is self-discovery.  Unlearning what I put inside my head for decades.  Embracing life, people, new ideas … all the things that old … er folks like me don’t really do so well.
  • I just quit my job and ….
  • You and I dear friends are on this journey together.  We are going to learn so much about what’s out there, if we let ourselves.  And … learn  what’s inside all of us.
  • (OK Volunteer Rick wants to say something else to you now.  As for me, I’ll see you in the next video.)
  • So that’s me in a nutshell.  Take a watch at this video from New Orleans.  I was able to live the life I love, help others, and connect it all with you.  And all while eating glorious calories!  

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