I had a moment the other day. One in which I was the semi-bad guy. For you see, sometimes you can get so wrapped up in your own world, you forget that others are on a similar journey. And that what you wish for yourself, you forget to offer others. Such was me and Nikki.

This story starts back sometime in late 2017 with Hurricane Irma. She came ashore in Key Largo and wiped out our little travel trailer. All nineteen feet of her. You see, that was our home. Where we had decided to live for whatever period of time until we decided otherwise. And Irma killed it … our Little Wanderer.

So I went over to the RV dealer and replaced it with a 33′ monster of a travel trailer. Basically a tiny home on wheels. And I parked it right on lot eight where the Wanderer had been, and there she sat for almost two years. Not traveling. Nikki had mentioned several times that she really wanted to drag it around the country, so why were we landscaping around it? I didn’t listen, apparently.

Skip past our moving out of Key Largo, past the point where we were supposed to live in Spain, and to about three weeks ago when I finally had enough of this current life and proposed something radically different. A year away and traveling around the world. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFM-G-ZLNmo for details). Basically, I wanted to sell everything, AirBnb the house, and get the %$#^ away from the states for at least a year. Nikki agreed, and that’s the current plan come December of this year.

All good, right? Well … maybe.

Nikki has always loved watching YouTube videos about van and bus conversions. Living in a turtle shell and exploring. So when she started again regaling me with stories and ideas I listened attentively, but knowing she was just sharing cool thoughts. I wasn’t entirely correct. I didn’t understand until we started talking about what to do with the big ass trailer.

I was planning on selling it. Being done with that mortgage/insurance/storage expense. But her idea was to keep it. Because she REALLY wants to travel around in her turtle shell. She figured it would cost X amount of dollars to convert a vehicle … or we could put far less $$ into our trailer and use it instead. Basically, it already has 75% of what we need. We would just have to add some off-grid stuff into it, rejigger the interior, and viola. Oh, and learn how to tow the damn thing long distance. 🙂

Aside from her good reasoning, I realized something bad. I had been ignoring her subtle and not-so-subtle hints. As much as I needed to nomad around the world, she needed to nomad around North America. I didn’t stop my own thoughts long enough to recognize hers. And that just can’t happen in a relationship you want to last.

So … I’m listening now. Pondering ideas. In my head I have thoughts of extending The Pivot … where we wander while I take a sabbatical … and include the trailer into the mix as well. Spend the better part of 2022 abroad, knowing we’re going to come back, outfit the trailer, and spend most (if not all of) 2023 seeing what we can see from its windows. Which opens up all sorts of possibilities, both personally and for the YouTube channel.

So dear reader, some lessons for ya:

  • Listen. Then realize you weren’t really listening and listen harder. What are you assuming and not hearing from the best person in your life?
  • Don’t super-focus on a thing, because other great things may lay right beside them.
  • And never be afraid to say “Hmmm, I really screwed that pooch, how can I do better?”.

So yea, the Great Round The World Adventure just got extended to include some really fun forms of transportation. And I’m really looking forward to it, no matter how we weave it into the overall journey.

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